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Is this group still active? Dar_Smith 2 Dar_Smith 5 months ago
EXIF data gone rq uk 1 rq uk 2 years ago
Your opinion? Marco MCMLXXVI 0 Marco MCMLXXVI 3 years ago
Why images have been removed Itinerant 59 The Dutch Crow 3 years ago
Why the SOOC admin often seems cranky Itinerant 71 OLLY774 4 years ago
Shoot in fine Jpeg, use custom settings & white balance before hand ... Luna Lightpainting LPUK 2 Wilson HuiPRO 4 years ago
Watermarks in this group Itinerant 8 THE Holy Hand Grenade!PRO 4 years ago
No sharpening? Chee917 10 Chris Blättermann 4 years ago
SAY CHZ Magazine BTM 67 (SAY CHZ) 0 BTM 67 (SAY CHZ) 4 years ago
How can I be sure? Photos europaeusPRO 2 Photos europaeusPRO 4 years ago
Cropping to a specific aspect ratio...with Photoshop Fleeting Times by YJ 8 abashed stretch (deleted) 4 years ago
pro level dslr for sooc, which is considered best ! stevie1741 9 hogbergphotography 5 years ago
Is it allowed to complement the EXIF Data or is this postprocessing? bernhard.friessPRO 0 bernhard.friess 5 years ago
Editing creep Itinerant 4 Bo ChambersPRO 5 years ago
Ban Cropping? The discussion is open. Itinerant 74 dweller88PRO 5 years ago
I like SOOC. Thank You. SoulRider.222PRO 1 Itinerant 5 years ago
NEW Flickr Format?! biktopincanadaPRO 1 MM © 5 years ago
rotating image instinctive look (deleted)PRO 4 Patito Gigante 5 years ago
Landscapes editing ~Pete Devine~ 2 Itinerant 5 years ago
Renaming photos/files mary-doug 1 Itinerant 5 years ago
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