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SOOC images are Pictures As Shot. Manipulated images will be removed. No processing in or out of camera.. No color or contrast adjustments, composites, layers, conversions (to black & white), sharpening, borders, watermarks, straightening - just SOOC. Don't molest the picture. Make sure the EXIF info is on, otherwise the picture will be treated like a drunken suspect..


  • Why images have been removed

    Over the life of this group, there have been hundreds of images removed from thi...

    Itinerant3 weeks ago58 replies

  • Why the SOOC admin often seems cranky

    I apologise to those who find me to be abrupt and cranky. I dont mean to. Whe...

    Itinerant2 months ago71 replies

  • Shoot in fine Jpeg, use custom settings & white balance before hand ...

    It's really not that hard people ... now stop your mewling about watermarks, cro...

    Luna Lightpainting LPUK5 months ago2 replies

  • Watermarks in this group

    Ive had to remove many beautiful images the past few days because they were wate...

    Itinerant5 months ago8 replies

  • No sharpening?

    When you shoot RAW there is no sharpening applied. Just converting it to a JPEG ...

    Chee9179 months ago10 replies

  • SAY CHZ Magazine

    Hi, I have created a free photography magazine that is totally straight from ...

    BTM 67 (SAY CHZ)10 months ago0 replies

  • How can I be sure?

    I've just added this image to the pool [

    SlipperSeeSlouch10 months ago2 replies

  • Cropping to a specific aspect ratio...with Photoshop

    Good day folks, I understand that any form of post-processing is not allowed,...

     YJ Chua, 19 years old now 12 months ago8 replies

  • pro level dslr for sooc, which is considered best !

    which pro/ semi pro dslr is considered best for sooc, sugestions please as i'm l...

    stevie174115 months ago9 replies

  • Is it allowed to complement the EXIF Data or is this postprocessing?

    Hi There, I'm quite interested to join this group and post some of my work he...

    bernhard.friess15 months ago0 replies

  • Editing creep

    Ive been away for a bit, and Ive seen many examples of people posting edited pic...

    Itinerant16 months ago4 replies

  • Ban Cropping? The discussion is open.

    Of all the SOOC group rules that is the most controversial is allowing cropping....

    Itinerant17 months ago74 replies

  • I like SOOC. Thank You.

    I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for making me a better photographer....

    SoulRider.22218 months ago1 replies

  • NEW Flickr Format?!

    who else is a little disappointed at the new format being forced on Flickr custo...

    biktopincanada21 months ago1 replies

  • rotating image

    My exif info says my photos were 'edited' in the microsoft picture viewer.... ...

    JasonKidd7922 months ago4 replies

  • Landscapes editing

    It seems to be the done thing to edit a landscape to have the bold colours or co...

    ~Pete Devine~22 months ago2 replies

  • Renaming photos/files

    Quick question. I rename all my photo files from what the camera names them. I c...

    mary-doug23 months ago1 replies

  • canon 50d,who's got one

    Just curious what settings different people have there camera set at, is sharpne...

    stevie174124 months ago0 replies

  • Photography Quotes

    “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind i...

    Itinerant24 months ago2 replies

  • Where are you in the world?

    This has become a truly international group. Where are you located in the wor...

    Itinerant25 months ago85 replies

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