Kevin_Barrett 5:49am, 9 March 2012
This is an informal challenge: share your wildlife pictures at 200mm or less on an Alpha camera. No zoos, and no captive or domesticated animals. Make sure to check out others' work and leave them some feedback!

Grazing Elk by Kevin_Barrett
mike turtle PRO 5 years ago
wild dog 1
African wild dog, beercan at 200mm 1/8th sec f4.
Richard Brown 56 PRO 5 years ago
A900 + 24-70 zeiss

wild horses by Richard Brown 56
jciv PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by jciv (member) 5 years ago
A550 and Minolta 50mm Macro

Roadrunner in a tree

Roadrunner in a tree
GaryDavidson 5 years ago
taken with the 18-55 kit lens @55mm

frog in pond
Swede66 PRO 5 years ago
Promising start!, that wild dog shot is really great! I'll chip in with some of mine less exotic wildlife shots

Curious squirrel

Lens 24-70mm F2.8 ZA SSM
Camera Sony DSLR-A700
Exposure 0.003 sec (1/320)
Aperture f/2.8
Focal Length 70 mm

Please help....

Vipera Berus
Vipera berus
Sigma 24-70 2,8 I think

Ural owl that was lost in the city
Ural owl

Camera Sony DSLR-A700
Exposure 0.008 sec (1/125)
Aperture f/2.8
Focal Length 160 mm
tadzyla Posted 5 years ago. Edited by tadzyla (member) 5 years ago
cj1970. 5 years ago
a700 @11mm
Spotted By Duckysauras Rex
santanu nandy Posted 5 years ago. Edited by santanu nandy (member) 4 years ago
Masai Mara @16mm APS-C


Gulls at Pangong Lake, Himalayas @ 24mm APS-C

Gulls at Pangong Lake
Arkku PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Arkku (member) 5 years ago
A red squirrel peeking from behind a tree

Red squirrel, Helsinki, Finland, taken with A100 & Minolta 50mm f/1.7
Barringtonsworld 5 years ago

Found this jumping around my garden

Taken with Sony A300 @ Sony DT 50mm f/1.8
bscemu 5 years ago
I like Swede's moose. Would that be 70mm in both eyes? :)
Kevin_Barrett 5 years ago
@ Nice one of the toad! I had a similar opportunity in my yard but the animal was significantly less cooperative:

Gulf Coast Toad by Kevin_Barrett
photobuf PRO 5 years ago
Sony 28-75 @ 75mm

Sony 28-75 Test Shot - Mallards
AVD AlphaDuctions 5 years ago

1500mm, f5.6 @ 1/320 ISO 200
Kevin_Barrett 5 years ago
I have to say, I'm pleased to see such eager participation in this challenge! These shots are amazing!

Duck Picture by Kevin_Barrett

Sony a700, Minolta 70-210/4
LaLa83 5 years ago


A230: 18-55mm kit lens: taken at 55mm
50 mm

Close Encounters of the "Deer" Kind
A77, Sigma 70-200 at 200mm
Eatin' fish like a bause (Epic fish eatery)
Jamie Felton Photo PRO 5 years ago
Bobcat kitten in the wild. Taken at 135mm. A77 and Sony 70-400mm lens .

Bobcat kitten conversation
Kevin_Barrett 5 years ago
Nice one, Jamie! Thanks for sharing this image with us. I have to say, I had you in mind when I made this topic--since there are some who don't submit to our pool and the "official" challenges require submissions to be there also.
Jamie Felton Photo PRO 5 years ago
I had no idea you had me in mind, Kevin but thanks. Just lately I've been thinking I might even start submitting some things to the pool and official challenges. So its a funny coincidence you mentioned that too .
Kevin_Barrett 5 years ago
Well, not just you, but others that have made similar choices, too. I know that some purposely do not include camera info with their images because for them, that information is unimportant and even distracting from the presentation of their photography. Also, some may have the requisite info on their images but choose not to submit them to the pool for other reasons, but these are a different matter completely. I just wanted an informal challenge in which all could participate without having to consider these hurdles.

Now, back to the pictures!

Two Cormorants by Kevin_Barrett

Sony a700, 85mm f/2.8
Jamie Felton Photo PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Jamie Felton Photo (moderator) 5 years ago
Ok more photos!!
Sony A700 and Minolta 50mm macro....

Great pics everyone!

I got lucky!
contourone PRO 5 years ago
Definitely some awesome pics posted so far. After seeing Jamie's photo I probably shouldn't post but what the heck....I never seem to have the right lens on the camera and not enough time to change it. Photo taken with the A550 and 16-105 Sony lens at 80mm...

black bear
bscemu 5 years ago
Jamie you get the best bug ever award. Never have I seen such a regal bug. My summer's goal will be to find one as great. Thanks for posting it.
Kai Eiselein 5 years ago
End of a humpback whale breach, Maui, Hawai'i.

AVD AlphaDuctions Posted 5 years ago. Edited by AVD AlphaDuctions (member) 5 years ago
wildlife challenge

sorry, saw this on my run and went back to catch it. could not resist :)
Kevin_Barrett 5 years ago
I am most impressed! Now how about this little guy I found in my parking garage?

Visitor in the Garage III by Kevin_Barrett

Sony A700, 35mm f/1.8
Kevin_Barrett 4 years ago
DSC06493 by Kevin_Barrett

Big Bend National Park

A700, 85mm F/2.8 SAM
Jamie Felton Photo PRO 4 years ago
Wow Kevin love them both but that bird and nest is really cool !!!
flyfshr2009 PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by flyfshr2009 (member) 4 years ago
Damsel Fly

bunniebray Posted 4 years ago. Edited by bunniebray (member) 4 years ago
A580 W/Beercan


A580 W/Kit Lens

TCav 4 years ago
Yay, Beercan!
SPCOOK Posted 4 years ago. Edited by SPCOOK (member) 4 years ago
Found this guy climbing down the rocks to the Great Falls in Virginia.

Great Falls, Virginia by SPCOOK
Sony Alpha 4 years ago
Wow, so much good shots. I'm almost embarrassed by my pedestrian shot. A500 /w Sony 16-105
Jamie Felton Photo PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Jamie Felton Photo (moderator) 4 years ago
SPCOOK and bunniebray those are scary shots to be taking at under 200mm!!! Great shots everyone!
SPCOOK 4 years ago
Yeah...... I almost jumped on this guy as it was the next rock on my path to the river. I decided to take the "long" way around and I found myself looking back quite often.
santanu nandy 4 years ago
Speed Thrills:

Sony Alpha 350:70-200G @200mm f2.8 shutter 1/60 ISO 400


and...spiders are creepy

Sony Alpha 700:Tamron 90mm macro f11 Shutter 1/15 ISO 640 -2EV

bunniebray Posted 4 years ago. Edited by bunniebray (member) 4 years ago
think the buffalo are scary Jamie you should see what I left out becuse it was at 210mm, I agree santanu nothing unnerves me like a spider sudingly coming in to focus filling your view finder at 1:1 or greater.
Jeffrey_C 4 years ago
20120623 - DSC04867

My son trying to grab a baby frog to keep him off from the pathway to prevent it being step on.....
Brousseau 4 years ago

Day 29
Both shot on my A-100 with 70-700mm G. I hadn't realized until now just how much use I get out of my 1.4xTC since almost everything else is at the 210-280 range.
A77 with a Sigma 18-200 cheap lens.
GaryDavidson 4 years ago
- it took me a while to find the animal in that shot, I kept looking at it thinking it's got to be there somewhere.

adding another - taken with my A450 and the 30mm macro lens
marigold visitor
Vinay Narayana Swamy 4 years ago
A spotted deer with a surprised look @ 135mm with the 70-400 and the Sony a700
Oh Deer!!!

Eye of a frog @180mm - shot with the Sigma 180mm and the A700
Eyes of the Bewitched Prince

A Tiger in the bush @ 180mm - shot with the a700 and the 70-400
Tiger in the Bush
Martin Légaré Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Kevin_Barrett (moderator) 4 years ago
Here are two from this afternoon and the first dates back about a month. The first cayote eating deer was taken with the sony A580 and the 70-300 SSM G at 150mm.

The second, still with the 580 but with the 100 F2.8 Sony lens

Last one with the same set up, but in a rush thru the front windshield, so of course, not as good, but i taught it was funny to see the duck crossing the street at the intersection...

(Moderator's note: I fixed your links, Martin. I think this is what you were trying to do. They were just showing up as hyperlinks in square brackets over here. The fellas above seem to have made their images double as hyperlinks to the image pages, but I can't do that with the links you provided in this post. This link is handy if you want to learn more. Just remember that you can replace "link text" with "img src" code.)
DSC-H1- There is a huge difference between the electronic view finder on this than my a77! Anyway a pretty old picture it works.
Michael McGaha PRO 4 years ago
I saw a little spec on the photo, so I blew this one up to 100% and cropped the middle. That's when I realized the spot was a dragonfly that I hadn't seen when I took the shot. Just thought it was interesting. Turkey Buzzard and Dragonfly shot with A55 and Tamron 70-200mm

100% Crop Buzzard and Dragonfly
Boerseuntjie PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Boerseuntjie (member) 4 years ago
Sony A900 with Sony 70-200mm F2.8 G at 135mm

Kevin_Barrett 4 years ago
That buffalo shot is fantastic! Here's more ice-age mega-fauna from the American Northwest!

 by Geren W. Mortensen, Jr.

 by Geren W. Mortensen, Jr.
Valley Imagery PRO 4 years ago
From the backyard (is this wildlife ?). A 580 at 150mm.

Honeyeater pair - Version 2
bscemu 4 years ago
It is wildlife to me. My backyard is on the edge of a national forest.
Excellent capture.
brikas 4 years ago
With my 55-200 KIT lens, @200mm.

Money4Nothing 4 years ago
Sony 16-105 @ 75mm


@ 105


photobuf PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by photobuf (member) 4 years ago
Sony A-77, with 70-300G @200mm

Blue Heron

Sony A-77, with 70-300G @160mm

Blue Heron - A-77 & 70-300G
Dave.Anderson.Photo PRO 4 years ago
This one is stacked from six images taken with a Minolta 100mm macro lens, full set of Kenko extension tubes and the Minolta ringflash on an a900:

Kevin_Barrett 4 years ago
I stumbled on this fellow in the Hoh Rainforest. I captured him here at 150mm with the Beercan, but he continued much closer until 70mm wasn't wide enough. My brother used a quarter of his roll of film with a 50mm Minolta lens as the elk walked through, and I can't wait to see what he got.

Playing Through
DaveC55 4 years ago
Ponies grazing at a local nature reserve. a700 with the 55-200 lens at full stretch, 1/250 @ f6.3 ISO 400.

Ponies grazing
Jamie Felton Photo PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Jamie Felton Photo (moderator) 4 years ago
I love this thread.
Amazing what everyone has gotten at less than 200mm.

A77 Sony 70-400G @150mm
f7.1, 1/1250, ISO 320

Red-winged Blackbird mom feeds her fledgling.
daCharls Posted 4 years ago. Edited by daCharls (member) 4 years ago
1/60 sek / ISO 200 / 70 mm
DaveC55 4 years ago
Or how about this one of geese passing over my garden on their way to the local nature reserve, taken at twilight just over a month ago.
Geese at twilight
Sony a77, 16-105 lens @ 70mm 1/250 f4 ISO 1000.
daCharls 4 years ago
How do I get the image larger in a post?
Swede66 PRO 4 years ago
Click the sharebutton, there you get 3 alternativs choose the "Grab the HTML/BBCode" Under the "codewindow" you have a drop down window where you can choose which size. Click on the size you want and then copy the HTML code in the window above and then paste in any discussion thread
daCharls 4 years ago
Kevin_Barrett 3 years ago
I can't believe it's been a year! We have a lot of good photos here, and it's time to check your photostreams for more (or, you know, go out and shoot some more).

Show us what you've shot! Remember, subjects must be wildlife; no captive or domesticated animals, and no zoos. Use an APS-C or full-frame image sensor at 200mm (actual mm, not 135 equivalents) or less.

Gaswork Goose

This is a Canada Goose in Seattle's Gasworks Park, shot using an SLT-A77 and 85mm f/2.8 SAM lens.
Wild Bill in MN PRO Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Wild Bill in MN (member) 3 years ago
Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Why do hummingbirds hum?

Taken with an a57 and 135mm STF.
Wild Bill in MN PRO Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Wild Bill in MN (member) 3 years ago
"Osprey with breakfast"

Osprey with breakfast.

a57 + 70-400G at 180mm
Peter G Trimming 3 years ago
Paws for Thought

a99 + CZ 135mm
Wild Bill in MN PRO Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Wild Bill in MN (member) 3 years ago
Sharptail Grouse, mating dance on the lek

Pretty close in!

a57 with 18-250 Tamron at 55mm
Wild Bill in MN PRO 3 years ago
Trumpeter Swans at 90mm
Wild Bill in MN PRO 3 years ago
Peter G Trimming:

How beautiful, the red squirrel!
Michael McGaha PRO Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Michael McGaha (member) 3 years ago
Got a few more...

My Best Spider Yet
Sigma 90mm f/2.8 Macro (The OLD one)
I uploaded this photo at full size so the sharpness of this lens could really be seen

Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 @200mm

Turkey Buzzards
Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 @200mm
trainerKEN. PRO Posted 3 years ago. Edited by trainerKEN. (member) 3 years ago
Canadian Rockies, on the way back from Edmonton (to Vancouver), just outside of Jasper...

I'm not going to lie and say I shot this from super far away and cropped it... the truth is, this mountain goat was across the street lol

Minolta 80-200mm f2.8 HS APO G @200mm with a900
santanu nandy 3 years ago

samkiarie Posted 3 years ago. Edited by samkiarie (member) 3 years ago
A57 kit @ 55mm
santanu nandy 3 years ago
@13 mm

Feeding Gulls
santanu nandy 3 years ago
@90mm Pit Viper in rain

Malabar Pit Viper in rain
bunniebray 3 years ago
minolta 70-210 f4

2013-06-15 10-10-54 - 1022

minolta 35-105 f3.56

2013-06-12 15-01-10 - 0609

2013-06-14 08-22-30 - 0656
Richard Brown 56 PRO 3 years ago
A900 and 90mm

GaryDavidson Posted 3 years ago. Edited by GaryDavidson (member) 3 years ago
C.G.87 PRO Posted 3 years ago. Edited by C.G.87 (member) 3 years ago
paulinuk99999 (back in Ghana):

Great angle,great shot. Worth getting a cold front for :)

One of very few of my bug shots not taken with my Tamron 75-300

55mm A290
Kevin_Barrett Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Kevin_Barrett (moderator) 3 years ago
A European Black Slug on an island in the Puget Sound, 35mm:

Arion Ater


Love those brilliant colors!
Timo Airaksinen PRO 3 years ago
@ 55mm
Ape by Timo Airaksinen
Timo Airaksinen PRO 3 years ago
Wings @105mm
Wings by Timo Airaksinen
Valter Jacinto | Portugal Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Valter Jacinto | Portugal (member) 3 years ago
Sony DSLR-A350 + Sony 100mm f/2.8 Macro

Escaravelho Tigre // Tiger Beetle (Cassolaia maura subsp. maura)

Escaravelho // Beetle (Tituboea biguttata), male
jorgeaq 3 years ago
SERP  (Culebra Viperina,Viperine Water Snake ,Natrix maura )

Sony A700
Lens Minolta AF 50/1.4 RS
Speed 1/640
F number 4.5
ISO 200
Kevin_Barrett 2 years ago
Blackbear cubs on Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Forest:

Baby Bear

Bear Cubs at Hurricane Ridge

Shamelessly shot with the smart teleconverter function of my A77 and its kit lens, the 16-50mm f/2.8
Wild Bill in MN PRO Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Wild Bill in MN (member) 2 years ago
Why do hummingbirds hum?

A57 + 135mmSTF
Wild Bill in MN PRO 2 years ago

Nice bears, Kevin!
trainerKEN. PRO 2 years ago
Orcas @62mm (with Sony a6000)
@Palleus PRO 2 years ago
Jasper Running Elk 3

Taken with my nex 5 and kit 18-55 lens. The elk was running along the highway in Jasper National park and I happened to have my camera on the seat next to me with the lens cap off.
PSDigital 2 years ago
Mourning Dove (Zenaida macroura)

Sony a700 with Tokina 80-200mm 2.8 lens
fromkmr PRO 2 years ago
is my left side, my best side?
just strolling in a parking lot
Sony a580 at 150mm with my Sony 18-250 zoom lens
Wild Bill in MN PRO Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Wild Bill in MN (member) 2 years ago
Giant Swallowtail, in the back yard on the prairie flowers.
Sony a700, Minolta 200mm f/2.8G

Giant Swallowtail
Groups Beta