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mikeyp2000 PRO 1:12pm, 17 October 2011
Is it too early to start a list of future firmware requests for the A77? There are a few obvious ones that Sony has missed out and can even "see the value of" according to their recent update on this forum.

Here are a few obvious ones, not all useful to me but many seem to be asking for them..
1) pal/NTSC switchable video for travelling videographers
2) manual mic gain control for audio in video.

That's all I can think of for video. Here are a few photo ideas
1) make the controls as responsive as the A55/a700. Even with 1.03, there is still some control lag
2) quicker EVF/LCD switching. Even with 1.03 there is still some lag.
3) implement a Lowest Shutter speed to allow better control over autoiso
4) allow autoiso in M mode (yes I know it wouldn't be truly M mode then, but you would still have the option of selecting ISO manually of course)
5) allow full customisation of the Drive Mode, WB, ev+/- and smart teleconverter and "?" Buttons. You can already customise the ISO, AEL, AF/MF buttons so it should be simple to extend this to the others.
6) not sure if this is possible but when using smart teleconverter, would it be possible to electronically stabilise the EVF view? This would also be handy when using Focus Magnifier view.
7) implement tethering in the same way as on the a700.
8) some kind of pixel binning to allow saving lower resolution RAW files (16 or 12mp choices would be ideal). I like the freedom/leeway granted by raw in tweaking exposure and WB but rarely need 24mp

Well, that's just a few ideas. Don't get me wrong, the a77 is a fabulous camera. My A700 is now sold and the a55 might go the same way. With a few minor tweaks, the a77 would be unbeatable for me and I'm sure the things I'm asking for are not hardware dependent.

Would the mods of this group be able to pass this on to Sony. I understand that Sony are probably rather focused on solving their problems in Thailand at the moment....
(1 to 100 of 105 replies)
Kevin_Barrett 5 years ago
I maintain that drive modes which are not mutually exclusive should be stackable:

bracketing + remote commander + self timer (etc.)

Also, an intervalometer would be extremely welcome.
adamvice 5 years ago
I need manual audio control, canon gave us the option to turn off the agc in the t3i, and some guys made magic lantern and gave us the option to turn off the agc, and an intervalometer for free. This option is not in the a77, and is breaking the purchase for me.

And,it would be nice for the audio levels to show up on the screen, so I can monitor them while recording.

Also from reading in the forums they say max iso for video is 1600. The user should have the choice of what is max.

And I want an intervalometer so bad.

The a77 has so many things a that are better then the competition like the autofocus system, and by fixing these things this would be the greatest camera out there. and i could purchase it without a doubt.
fjbyrne PRO 5 years ago
 mikeyp2000: allow autoiso in M mode (yes I know it wouldn't be truly M mode then, but you would still have the option of selecting ISO manually of course)

Amen. All cameras should have an AS mode where you set the aperture and shutter speed and the camera selects the appropriate ISO. It is a fantastic feature for action photography and sorely missing from the A77 IMO.
A.D.Wheeler [deleted] 5 years ago
More brackets 5 is good, 7 is better. And adjustable spacing for those brackets. More than just the .3 and .7. Please!!
puggsincyberspace PRO 5 years ago
I reserve the right to add more to this list.

1. Auto Review should not happen in the EVF, but if you take the shot and then move your eye away from the EVF the auto review should show on the LCD. This should happen in auto switch or manual switch modes.

2. If in manual switching then the EVF should only turn off after x secs (like the LCD). Eg your on EVF you move your eye away to look over the camera then back you need to wait to it comes back on.

OSidPhoto 5 years ago
I wish to seek few logical enhancements to already existing options available on the A77 and quite a few other Alpha cameras.

A77 as well as few other cameras have the ability to do multi-shot HDR as well as Sweep Panorama. However these camera's do not offer a user definable "Multiple Exposure" mode. With the already existing modes of HDR and Panorama, an independent User Definable Multiple Exposure mode would just be an extension of the existing mode and would allow users with potential for lot more creative photography.

Another thing which should now be included within these camera firmware would be a Intervelometer.

Nikon and Pentax already have these features built into their semi-professional camera offerings and these are not things which may put any unnecessary strain on Sony firmware and system developers.
trainerKEN. PRO 5 years ago
The a77 already has more than .3 and .7 bracketing NOW.
photobuf PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by photobuf (member) 5 years ago
Surprised no one has mentioned the obvious that so many search for, improved low light ISO performance (scores lower than the A-55 on the DXO scales for ISO, which is a bit of a step backwards).
trainerKEN. PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by trainerKEN. (member) 5 years ago
The noise its actually one of the picture effects, as it gives "the film look" :P
Swede66 PRO 5 years ago
I don't know if it's doable but I would like to have the possibility to shoot panorama with the camera in vertical position
trainerKEN. PRO 5 years ago
gosh, I would hope you can do that NOW, cause that's the only way I do panos
Terry Hollis PRO 5 years ago
Swede66 says: I don't know if it's doable but I would like to have the possibility to shoot panorama with the camera in vertical position ..

You can make panoramas with the sweep function set in portrait mode .. but the end result is not as big as you might expect .. the camera crops the jagged edges away and what's left is not a lot larger than the lens can do on it's own .. this is a photo taken with the sweep function of the a55v in portrait mode ..
2011 08 31 (04e) Sweep Test @ Royal Oak-a55v-09
ginyoc 5 years ago
+1 for full PAL/NTSC support and tethering!
Kevin_Barrett 5 years ago
HR Sweep Panorama is a highly desired feature. It was introduced with the HX9V and other back-lit CMOS cameras of that generation, and produces 40+ MP panoramas. There's no reason that a 24MP SLT should be outdone by a 16MP P&S--especially in this!
mikeyp2000 PRO 5 years ago
Here's another one - find a way to make the AF points stand out a little better. A black AF point on a dark background is hard to see. Perhaps a light border on each AF point would do nicely.
mikeyp2000 PRO 5 years ago
And another one...

Being back the StreadyShot indicator scale in the VF. My a700 and a100 had this, the a55 has this. I'm quite sure the a33/35 and a5xx cameras have this. I found it quite useful for timing a shot to be taken when I could see a nice in-VF indication of how still I was holding the camera.

The a77 does not have this. Why not? It only shows Steadyshot on/off but with no 'shake scale'. Surely this is just an oversight?
Surprised this hasn't come up again... though I have no way to verify this issue still exists in 1.03.

Manual EVF/live view gain for off-camera studio flash use.
swissrolli 5 years ago
i wish the software would automatically switch to jpg mode from raw when you switch to an incompatible function (eg teleconverter) rather than warning you and forcing you to enter the menu mode to change the setting.
Kevin_Barrett 5 years ago
I hasn't come up because the function is already present. Look on "Custom Menu," "Page 2," under "Live View Display." It's an on/off toggle that controls whether the preview represents exposure brightness.
Joris Van den Berghe Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Joris Van den Berghe (member) 5 years ago
I read over at Dpreview that some settings can be confirmed by half-pressing the shutter button, while in another menu, doing the same thing switches the camera to record mode and discards any changes made to the settings...

It would be nice if this could be solved...
GeoMich1 5 years ago
A few small things requested:
1/. 24-hrs time format in addition to English AM and PM only
2/. Possibility to introduce the Copyright (Owner) name to EXIF data
3/. Camera serial number to EXIF data
4/. Better jpeg engine - at least equal to Nikon D7000 (develop or licence)
5/. AA size battery adapter to power grip as an alternative source of power (important when going for long trips without access to electricity to recharge Sony original batteries)
6/. Additional EVF brightness setting automatically adjusting to ambient light conditions (to eliminate feeling of dark viewfinder when shooting in sunny days)
7/. Better communication with customers, updates on firmware development and proposed releases - dates.
The camera is already great. I use it with Sigma 24-70/2.8 DG DF Aspherical. Everything works perfectly well. The pictures quality is amazing with huge further potential after the jpeg engine improvement.
mikeyp2000 PRO 5 years ago
Also.... Fix the 'unable to magnify' bug. This occurs sometimes after taking a shot, pressing the playback button then zooming in (eg to check focus). Then, when you turn a scroll wheel to compare to the previous shot, you get a message 'unable to magnify'

A bit annoying....
MightyD-media 5 years ago
I totally agree with the changes that should be made concerning video.
Also I heard that 24p mode isn't available in pal countries?
Is that true? And if it's true... it would be great if the new software update included selecting every framerate in every country...
This and a possibility to adjust the mic gain manually would make the a77 to a perfect camera!!
Opie&Dopey Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Opie&Dopey (member) 5 years ago
+1 puggs...an option for auto review on the LCD only would be nice.

-I also miss the option for quick format, like the 700 had.

-bring back quick navi (make it an option for the Fn button)

-a display mode with full size image plus clipping warning (instead of showing the RGB histograms, image data and a small photo in the top left)

@Swissrolli... I totally agree, having to go into the menu to switch to jpeg when playing with scene modes is ridiculous and forgetting to switch back is worse. I set one of the Memory recall "MR" modes to save as jpegs. That way you just set the mode dial to MR and choose you scene mode and when you switch to M, A, or S you're back to RAW.
ser.d 5 years ago
I add, a choice between a Raw real and cRaw.

Now there is only cRaw
K. Starr Images [deleted] Posted 5 years ago. Edited by K. Starr Images (member) 5 years ago
Little faster EVF/LCD switching

Tethered shooting

Audio control in video recording (manual)

Noise at higher iso could be better but really this camera is not that bad...

I am digging my A77 .. WOW It is a great camera !!!
wingtangwong PRO 5 years ago
Just got mine a couple of days ago. There is indeed a good deal of noise... I would put better noise handling and detail preservation to be one of the top priorities of a new firmware update.

What puzzles me is why the odd swirl noise patterns?

I'm also noticing a green dot pattern in the noise. It makes me think that it is possible that the camera's sensor's green photo sites are not being measured with the same scale as the others?

I see this pattern when zooming in on images when shot in low light situations. Lots of green diamond patterns... makes me wonder if the green sensor values are blooming into neighboring values during interpolation of the mosaic?
wingtangwong PRO 5 years ago
Oh, and USB tethering. This is supposed to be a pro-sumer grade camera, the A700 had USB tethering. If you can make the USB tethering to work with a networking module(wifi, gigabit ethernet) to allow for wifi(http port) access to control the camera and do tethered shooting, that would be great. iPad/iphone/laptop/etc. device controlling the camera would be awesome and help alot.

Also, update the firmware so that the shutter trigger can start/stop movie capture when the dial is in movie mode!
bobnospum 5 years ago
Two items driving me slightly crazy as they are simple "obvious" legacy features that I would have had on the requirements sheet since day 1.

1. Steady Shot mapable to a button (and make the ? button programmable while you are at it and I'll use that one)

2. Use the orientation sensor during photo playback to figure how to display the image. When the camera is vertical on a tripod, the "auto preview" orients the photos correctly, but not the manual image review. When you hit the "play button to review the image" it is shown sideways when the camera is vertical. Very annoying when shooting portraits in the studio.
K. Starr Images [deleted] 5 years ago
Sounds like a FW upgrade to 1.04 is coming soon!!!
SpotOn SEO 5 years ago
Hopefully they will listen and put tethered shooting in the A77. Would be nice if they added it to the A55 as well.
fjbyrne PRO 5 years ago
 SpotOn: Hopefully they will listen and put tethered shooting in the A77. Would be nice if they added it to the A55 as well.

You are indeed Spot On :). Live view cameras are ideal for tethering. The SLT and NEX are live view cameras and Sony should be capitalizing on this IMO. For as forward thinking as Sony is in some areas they seem to miss the boat on some pretty obvious things.
jciv PRO 5 years ago
The popup flash's wireless mode runs out of power too quick. When it fires 15 times within 2 minutes or less, its runs out of power and has to charge the flash for up to 8 seconds between each shot (after the first 15). Fast memory card, ISO, exposure compensation, flash compensation, nothing matters, its always the same.

Shooting in manual with flash set to 1/8, I get the same 15 shots. Shooting at 1/16 I can get 32 shots. Does the wireless trigger signal need to be that powerful? Maybe this is so the wireless flash can operate more reliably at greater distances, but I never hit a limit with the A350 or A550. My A550 is able to do 40 trigger flashes in under one minute. The more advanced A77 can't even do half that in double the time. The brightness of the wireless flash appears similar so I wonder if its because the LCD and EVF take up too much power to quickly charge the flash. We need a way to adjust the trigger flash brightness. I shoot macros and don't need much distance. Other people might find it useful if it was brighter for more distance.

I would be glad if someone else could test if other A77 have such a low wireless flash limit. If my camera is a lemon, I can get it exchanged or repaired. As it is now, this limit is going to make me return the camera and buy something else. I hit the limit way too often.
mikeyp2000 PRO 5 years ago
Jciv, I tried wireless flash and ran up against the same limit.

I used my a77's popup flash to trigger my f58am and after snapping away at a fairly sedate pace (shot every 3s or so), I got stuck at 14 or 15 then I had to wait up to 10s between shots before the popup would fire again.

Just in case, I tried a different battery and also two batteries in the vgc-77am. None of this made a difference.

I tried the exact same setup on my a55 and lost count at around 30 and gave up. The a55 seemed to be capable of continuing but it outlasted me!

Have you ever noticed that the popup trigger flash can contribute a little light in addition to the main off camera flash? This was only usually a problem for close ups on my a55 or (sold) a700 but the a77 popup appears to contribute way more light to the scene. I tried the a55, aiming into the corner of a dark room with the popup set to wireless but with the 58am switched off. The result was as expected - an almost totally black shot. The same setup/aperture/iso/everthing on the a77 and got a shot that had clear details in; underexposed still but way brighter then the a55 output.

So, it seems the a77 camera is using too much power for its popup flash when used as a wireless controller. Like you, I have never found any problem triggering remotes using other Sony cameras even if their control flashes are weaker.

Roll on FW1:04!
mikeyp2000 PRO 5 years ago
Jciv, one solution might be to use an f20am as the trigger or if you have a few Sony flashes, f58's can be used as triggers (maybe f43 too but I'm not sure) Or for macro, try and get hold of an old Minolta off camera cable (if your flash guns have the input socket)

This over-powerful flash trigger output must surely be adjustable somewhere in the camera firmware....
TCav Posted 5 years ago. Edited by TCav (moderator) 5 years ago
I think the delay in recharging the built-in flash, after several flashes in quick sucsession, has more to do with allowing the heat to disipate than with the camera's ability to recharge the flash.

The A77's built-in flash has a GN of 12, something that it shares with the A700, most early Alphas, and all 500 series Alphas. The A77 is the only SLT to have a GN 12 flash. So, yes, the A77's flash is stronger than the A55's.
Jamie Felton Photo PRO 5 years ago
I request Sony gives us better ISO performance and less need for the micro adjustment to be used with the A77 and 70-400mmG combination. Ive been trying to figure out how to get mine right for a week now. Seems to need a different adjustment at different focal lengths. Yes, I know how to test it and adjust the setting , but I'm having trouble anyway.
jciv PRO 5 years ago
Thanks for trying that out Mikey and the info you figured out. It all makes sense. But I hope Sony can figure something out. For me an adjustable power setting would work great, but it doubt Sony will do that.

I have noticed the popup trigger flash can contribute a little light to the shot on the A350, 550, and 77. Its just a limitation of the optical flash trigger system I guess. Some users attached a piece of exposed film in front of the flash to block the visible light, but allows infrared light through to trigger the flash.

Since I shoot macros at night, I attached a flashlight to my lens and when I want to block the trigger light I turn it to the top of the lens. See here.

Can the F20 trigger wireless on the A77? I know it could on the 850 and 900, but not on the lower ones.
mikeyp2000 PRO 5 years ago
Well, I installed 1.04 and must say I'm a little unimpressed. I don't see much real improvement to responsiveness. I can still jog the Joystick in local AF mode and see a real lag in the movement of the selected AF point. It's still annoyingly slow to catch up. I read about some slight improvement to high iso jpgs but I shoot raw mostly. Apparently some crash bugs have been fixed but it's not clear what the total lost of fixes is.

Jciv- I still can only get 15 wireless shots off before the delay kicks in. Also, I'm not sure about the f20 on the a77. You might try posting on Dyxum - there are plenty of very knowledgable posters there too.
mikeyp2000 PRO 5 years ago
Tcav - regarding heat build up in the flash, after 15 leisurely wireless flash shots, the a77 pop up is not noticeably hot. GN12 isn't much higher than GN10 and the output for wireless triggering should be quite low anyway. I'm convinced something else is going on that limits the a77 to 15 wireless shots when the a55 seem unlimited.

Does anyone have an a700 or a5xx or even a2xx/3xx that could have a try? You don't even need a remote flash to test this - just set the camera flash mode to WL and pop off a few shots, 1 every six seconds or so. The a77 stalls at 15 shots every time. The a55 just keeps on going. I don't feel that one frame every 6 seconds is an unreasonable rate.
Aaron Ashley 5 years ago
The flash system is hopelessly crippled. Some "smart" Sony marketer figured out that a little subtlety like crippling the on camera flash will force users to buy a master flash as a commander. This is so grossly done that even if the flash is set to manual the pop up still fires a long series of pre-flashes to ensure that it cuts out after your 10 shot buffer.

Then there is the complete crap relationship this camera has to wireless triggers. Pixel just released an amazing transmitter that allows wireless control of all wireless flashes via camera.. For canon.. They have a Sony versio too but because Sony doesn't allow in camera control of the flash system the pixel is a complete waste.. Besides that the controller doesn't yet work on a77.

Sony needs to change so that wireless flash can be controlled in camera and they need to open up control on the flash so u can use the pop up at lower power and get less then 1/32 power. A proper flash should go down to AT least 1/256
Aaron Ashley 5 years ago
To summarize.. In my oppinion the a77 pop up flash fails so that you go buy another Sony product.
trainerKEN. PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by trainerKEN. (member) 5 years ago
IMO... the pop up flash in ANY dSLR is just terrible. I wouldn't use it for anything. Maybe if I wanted to snap a simple shot of something I'm trying to sell on Craigslist, that's about it. But seriously, any serious photographer won't even bother using it.
TCav 5 years ago
- "Add a provision in the menuing so that the Steady Shot feature can be set for Horizontal OR Vertical panning OR both."

Image stabilization (in the body or in the lens) uses accelerometers to detect, not movement, but changes in movement. If you're panning at a consistant speed, the accelerometer doesn't detect any changes in movement, so the image stabilization doesn't do anything. It would, however, correct inconsistant movement, so there's something to be said for having it on while panning.

And when shooting air shows, I'd think you'd be using shutter speeds that were fast enought that you wouldn't need image stabilization anyway.
Palko52 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Palko52 (member) 5 years ago
One important advantage of image stabilizer systems located in the lens is that image in optical viewer is stabilized too, which makes a lot of sense with long focal lengths especially. Sony SLT´s seem to have all the necessary hardware implemented to eliminate this issue:

Since image stabilizer / steadyshot works by means of shifting the sensor and EVF shows the image produced by this sensor, it should be an easy task to modify firmware in order to initiate "steady shot" system when shutter button is pushed down to pre-focus. This would significantly reduce the EVF image shake when long focal lenghts are used and make the choice of image section through EVF a lot easier in those cases.

It´s known that A55 had a heat problem in video mode due to permanent sensor shift, which became a serious issue after appxy 20 min of permanent video shooting, so the camera had to be turned off automatically to allow cooldown. Thats why A77 uses an electronic stabilisation (with higher crop) for video.

This heat problem would certainly not be an issue, if sensorshift stabilisation would only be initiated for maybe 5 to 10 sec during pushing shutter button half way down, but make work with long focal lenghts a lot easier and more fun.
minoltason 5 years ago
New firmware request that Flash Compensation option be added to the Exp Compensation button.

Currently the exposure compensation button toggles between Exp. Comp and Off. Why not add flash compensation when a flash (on/off camera) is detected.

So pressing the comp button would cycle from
Exp Comp--->Flash Comp-->Off

I'd rather not go back to the menu system or reprogram my AE button.

poqbod 5 years ago
The exposure compensation range is +5 to -5EVs, but the change in brightnes of live view as well change of histogram are limited to +2...-2EV. How come? NEX7 can display the full range, according to review by DPReview.com. This 2EV limitation is irritating on Manual mode as well by the blinking value. Could this be a "bug" on recent FW 1.04 or is there proper explanation to this limit?

Further I would love to be able to shoot RAW simultaneously with any Picture Effect activated.
Jamie Felton Photo PRO 5 years ago
I am hoping Sony will improve the mid ISO performance. Say ISO 320-640. I usually find ISO 400 too noisy for my tastes. Even on properly exposed images. The flash problems are another thing a camera of this caliber should not be suffering from. Those are two major problems that really need to be addressed.

Firmware version 1.04 made such a huge improvement to the focus adjustment on my A77 and 70-400mm lens combo , that I have faith Sony can fix anything with a firmware update. Hope they will.
dwigton2000 5 years ago
I want to put my vote in for tethering as well. Many of us do both commercial product photography and studio portraiture. Most cameras on the market, with the exception of the newer Sony's support direct tethering to both Lightroom and Aperture. Even the a700 supported tethering using Sony's capture software and a watched folder. Please Sony, we need this implemented in order to have a more useful workflow.
armand_gaspy 5 years ago
Another vote for tethered shooting, better AF indicators and bracketing in 2EV steps!
trainerKEN. PRO 5 years ago
@armand_gaspy, the a77 brackets at both +/-2 AND +/-3 plus several other options (combo of 3 or 5 shots, in .3, .5, .7)
dwigton2000 5 years ago
Yep. The A77 does. But none of the other SLT cameras, standard Alphas or NEX cameras do. I suggest that this is a terrible omission as true HDR becomes more and more popular. The built in 3 shots to automatic HDR (JPEG?) is just a toy and is not even close to adequate for true HDR work with RAW files and a good HDR conversion program.
dwigton2000 5 years ago

You want to see cameras fly off the shelf? Give us a 16 mpix SLT camera in the A77 body with the excellent EVF and controls, and add tethering. I'd buy one instantly, and so would many other photographers I know. We want the high ISO capability, we want tethering, and we want decent exposure bracketing.
Cher Ping PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Cher Ping (member) 5 years ago
here's something different:

I'd greater flash compensation values (instead of -3, we can set -5 or more). alternatively, please let the camera compute the correct amount of flash power required when using TTL flash.

I just returned from Venice (italy) and noticed that when shooting at 0 compensation, the shot is overexposed (in fact, it looks like a point and shoot)(note that I have a 70-200 lens on the body - so I'm usually a decent distance away).

Someone put forward a theory that the overall exposure is pushed up by 1 stop due to the light loss from the translucent mirror - and when using flash, the overall exposure, including flash power, is boosted. (note: this is just a theory. it could be due to some other issue for all i know)

There are 2 possible solutions here: the camera should ideally re-compute the correct amount of light used when using TTL/ADI flash. Alternatively(or additionally), it would be nice if we could have more flash compensation controls so that we can regain the ability to do -3Ev.

.. I was shooting at -3 Ev for the times when I needed just a wee pop - and even then, often, -3 Ev looks over exposed.

I must say that I love the A77 in all other aspects: if i shoot in natural light without flash, the colours, the focusing, and other aspects of the camera gained my respect.

However, when using a flash, in order to fill in the shadows, I need to use a -2Ev (instead of a -1Ev as usual). when shooting in morning/evening twilight, I had to shoot at -3Ev, and often, its still too bright. A point-and-shoot would have produced the same effect.

seeing that photography is about the mastery of light as much as the correct framing (composition), please try to fix this glitch!
dwigton2000 5 years ago
+1 for better Flash exposure in whatever fashion. The A77 should be able to do an admirable job with just TTL or ADI running. Not continually over expose so you MUST use Flash exposure compensation.
gspam1 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by gspam1 (member) 5 years ago
I would very much like TETHERING capability to be used in Adobe Lightroom in the next firmware upgrade to my A77.
john_2000L PRO 5 years ago
It looks like if it is 1.05 that is hitting the street, it is still a release for bugs and issues related all the way back to 1.00 out of their fatory.

2.0 would indicate some major updates that are not related to basic camera usability and functionaility, but address the concerns of the users that are listed above.

A couple of the rumored fixes (and they are still rumors, I gues) only take care of shortcommings of the basic camera.
aminucyrus 5 years ago
Tethering support will do justice to such an amazing camera.Hope Sony is listening.
robirobirobi 5 years ago
I doubt tethering is coming, obviously the camera wasn't designed for it. Kind of funny if you think even the EOS 1000D can do it.
perfecttommy 5 years ago
Feature request: Set JPEG's User Comment field to be added to each picture. I'd like to put some contact information for all my images.

I realize I can do it post-production, but sometimes I forget... besides all of the fancy Picture Effects can be done in post-production, so adding a string seems basic.

If the camera UI is too complex, let the user put a 'comment.txt' file on an sd card and read it off that?
Jamborees 5 years ago
Improvement on AF response with 70-400G
Kevin_Barrett 4 years ago
David Kilpatrick of Photo Club Alpha has chimed in about this now. If only for manual audio level adjustment in movie recording, this sorely needs considering.
2 requests....

More bracketing options. 9 exp @ 1EV, etc.

Timer plus modes. Timer + Continuous shooting etc.
photobuf PRO 4 years ago
I'd love to see an option to turn off the movie button in the menu. It's just too easy to press in error on the A-77.
Jcp Photographer 4 years ago
i also vote for disable of movie button except for when you are in movie mode on the dial
i vote for tethering also
i want to have the effects on option able to be mapped to a button of my choice which only seems to be available in jpeg mode
knorth26 4 years ago
Would love to see tethering please
Katie_Sony 4 years ago
Love the feedback and suggestions here. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I'll pass along to the team.
Alan S Willis 4 years ago
I have mentioned this before to Sony had a negative reply,but I don't give up.
I useful function would be to change the ISO on the wheel.
As mainly a kingfisher photographer, for me it would be useful to change the ISO in one operation, as speed is often the essence.
photobuf PRO 4 years ago
It would be nice if in low light the A-77 would automatically switch from Live View Effects on, to off based on low light. Would save looking through the viewfinder and seeing a black screen, when the camera trys to give you a WYSIWYG based on your settings (which you may have had from a daytime shoot), then having to go into the menu and turning Live View Effects off.
mikeyp2000 PRO 4 years ago
Hi Katie-Sony. Great to hear that you are passing this along.

My pet 'demand' is auto ISO in M mode and I now have something else to add to the list that may be of interest to sports shooters. Lots of canonikon users are quite fond of 'back button autofocus' and the a77 is just a minor tweak away from having similar capability. If I set the front AF selector to MF, the rear AF/MF thumb button triggers AF in AF-S mode. This is great for static objects but no use for moving objects.

If there was a menu option for the Af/MF button to trigger AF-C instead of AF-S, this would be great....
fjbyrne PRO 4 years ago
Agree with Auto-ISO in manual for A77 (and others!) but in future cameras Sony should just add an AS mode. This way the "manual should be manual" crowd won't have anything to complain about ;)
Jcp Photographer 4 years ago
faster refresh rate in the evf would be good to get rid of the flicker
Bert (A.H.) Roos PRO 4 years ago
Switch autopreview on for only the LCD, not the EVF. Autopreview is now not usable as it's highly confusing to look at a frozen image through the view finder.
Mikolaj Dobski PRO 4 years ago
Autopreview on LCD only would make the SLT act like DSLR and I am also looking forward to this feature. This is by far the only feature that I missed switching from A100 which had it 'hardware' implemented by the OVF :)
Second thing worth considering is adding auto-rotation of viewing images. As the camera knows it's rotation why not to rotate the screen depeding on it as it would ease assessing the portrait pictures.
photobuf PRO 4 years ago
It would be nice to have a medium FPS rate, that you could control like the low speed. For some things the high FPS rate can be too fast, and one press of the shutter, and you end up with 3 frames minimum. A low, medium and high setting would be excellent.
photobuf PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by photobuf (member) 4 years ago
When the camera is set to Live View Effects On, I don't find it as accurate as I had hoped for. Not trusting it anymore, I now leave Live View Effects turned off in the menu, forces me to use my experience for settings, as opposed to thinking the camera's electronics knows what it's doing, since results are off most times. Live View Effects to me needs a fix and should be much closer to the actual results you will achieve at specific settings. Otherwise why have Live View Effects if it's not reliable (might as well use an OVF, with no Live View Effects).
photobuf PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by photobuf (member) 4 years ago
Not a firmware request, but not sure what Sony was thinking when they saved a couple of $, skimping on the buffer size of the 12FPS A-77 (memory chips are so cheap these days). If Sony is going to use high FPS rates, have a buffer to go with them, more like Canons that can keep up. Bad design flaw. Even with fast 60mbs or 95mbs SD cards, buffer wait still happens, definitely a disappointment in this regard.
Cher Ping PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Cher Ping (member) 4 years ago
Now that the A99 has been launched, let me repost my previous comment:

a fix for the A77 TTL flash overexposure problem would be great. This problem is not new - a brief search on google would show quite some threads with this.

we could work around the problem by setting negative flash compensation, but for goodness sakes, users shouldn't have to be bogged down with workarounds!

This problem has been around for the last 10 months without any action from Sony.. some response would really be greatly appreciated..
Thomas Bisset [deleted] 4 years ago
Photobuf, the idea of a mid-setting for the FPS is ace. I quite liked the A700's 5 FPS, because I could keep it on the fastest setting and still fairly easily get a single shot out of it at a time, if I needed to do that.
photobuf PRO 4 years ago
@Thomas - I also had no problem on an A-700 firing single shots of multiples, but on the A-77, I can only fire a single shot on low speed when set to multiple shots. On high speed, I can't get less than 3, even when I press lightly/briefly.
photobuf PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by photobuf (member) 4 years ago
- It's nice to hear that you will pass firmware suggestions back to the team, but this doesn't seem to be working and A-77 issues have been outstanding for 10 months, and problems in a current $1400US body still exist.

Sony's initial 1.04/1.05 patches never really resolved all the known issues, now 10 months have passed and it seems A-77 owners are a fogotten group, while Sony is off to make more $ on new models, hoping to improve their slumping bottom line. Yet still marketing a flagship c sensor camera that doesn't work as well as it should and is capable of if issues were resolved.

1.04/1.05 were just to smooth over the unworkable issues Sony had, as some were sending their cameras back for service which cost Sony $. Sony was quick to put a patch in, then dropped the ball big time from there on.

It would be nice if Sony would start to listen to their customers, and resolve their concerns. It may even help sales to make more $ for Sony.

While some peoples firmware requests are wishful thinking (nice to have things), others are real world issues that should never have been there. If Sony believes that they have conquered all the A-77 issues, Sony designers/programers are dreaming.

Will there ever be a V2 major fix(s) for the A-77 that addresses most outstanding issues?
Thomas Bisset [deleted] 4 years ago
Oh, out of interest Photobuf, I'm curious as to how you've set the brightness of the screens in the EVF and rear screen?

In the menu, it gives you a -2 -> +2 as well as "automatic". I put this option to manual and whacked it straight to the middle setting and up to now, I've not noticed any major exposure issues.

If it's on automatic, and the screen is adjusting itself in accordance to the ambient lighting conditions, then perhaps this might explain the exposure inaccuracies you're experiencing?

Equally, it might not. Just a theory
photobuf PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by photobuf (member) 4 years ago
- At an air show, using shutter priority, only way I could see anything on a bright day was to set the EVF to manual (unless I wanted to use a slower shutter speed, also turned off Live View Effects). LCD is still on auto, only using it for macro, but probably I should also put it to manual. I'll have to experiment a bit more using manual settings. My Sony P & S HX9V seems right on with WYSIWYG.
TicknorPhoto 4 years ago
I did a YouTube video on this exact topic a few months ago. here is a link to my a77 Firmware requests

Sony Alpha a77 Firmware version 2.0 Wishlist
kasirkin29 4 years ago
They need to add audio control. Canons can do it on most of their models so I dont see why sony cannot add this feature to a top tier camera.
trainerKEN. PRO 4 years ago
There's a "SR4" (or level 4 rumor) that 1.06 FW update is coming Oct. 18th. I guess we'll see
photobuf PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by photobuf (member) 4 years ago
Firmware updates, are not in Sony's vocabulary it seems. Their solution is to work on new models so people have to buy new cameras. Don't really think Sony really cares if they have a less than stellar reputation for less than perfect SLR/SLT products. Over the years Sony has issued very few firmware updates.

It's been about a year since the 1.05 quick partial fix patches for the Sony A-65/A-77 to stop people from sending their faulty A-65/77 cameras in for service, costing Sony $$$. Not cheap bodies, but who cares if Sony customers invested in them, and aren't totally happy with them. Many issues could be fixed by firmware, but then developing fixes doesn't improve their bottom line. Better to fix the issues in the next model to come on the market. New models, more $$$.

A perfect example of this was the A-33/55, which lacked a live view effects off. Users found a work about by partially raising the flash, to get the EVF to show somethng other than black with a flash. Sony fixed the problem in the A-35/57/65/77, but did they ever give owners of the A-33/55 a firmware fix? No of course not, that would cost money to develop, and consumers wouldn't buy new cameras. A-33/55 users left out in the cold by Sony.

I thnk the less than perfect A-65/77's will be fixed in the next generation, and if history repeats itself, users left out in the cold again.

Lack of any firmware improvements, has stopped my from investing in a second body. A-77 is nice, but perfect no, faulty yest.

Firmware updates to fix outstanding problems, is great for PR, and improves a companies reputation that they stand behind their products. When Sony learns this, they will do better. So far Sony is still learning as they go.
Kevin_Barrett 4 years ago
Firmware updates, are not in Sony's vocabulary it seems.

I beg to differ. Sony has issued firmware updates on A100, A230, A330, A380, A700, A850, A900, A65, A77, NEX-3, NEX-5, NEX-C3, and NEX-5N (to name a few). That's first, second, and third generation DSLRs, first and second generation SLTs, and first and second generation mirrorless bodies. These firmware updates came to all levels of product, from entry-level to enthusiast and professional. They have addressed bugs, interface customization, added compatibility to new hardware, and in some cases added whole new features and expanded functionality.

The A77 is the direct successor to the A700, which saw more firmware updates than any other model. The A77 has already had one firmware update, so forgive me if I can't see this legacy of firmware neglect that you're trying to illustrate.
AlouetteIII 4 years ago
I would really like to see Intervalometer - I use this a lot and actively seek cameras with this function to make timelapse movies
photobuf PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by photobuf (member) 4 years ago
- Yes, Sony rushed to respond to serious problems wih the A-65/77, and issued firmware updates in a fire fight, to avoid having people send their cameras in for service, which cost them money, and loosing sales. That was 12 months, now issues still exist with theses models, as Sony well knows, yet, they are probably waiting for the next model to fix more issues. For now they are just avoiding it, and still selling problematic models.

The A-700, had more updates than any other Sony camera (owned one). Sony was slow, but at least they did get around to it.

Having owned both and A-700 and A-77, I'm far less impressed with A-77 speed at fixing issues. Not a good way to get publicity with a less than perfect camera body. Sony's far less than stellar to getting around to fix issues with cameras. People don't want to wait ages and ages for fixes.

Amazing how fast (weeks) Sony could put out fixes for serious stuff like on the A-65/77 to avoid customers returning cameras or sending them in for service, but normally they are slower than the slowest turtle, not worrying about customer product satisfaction..

Totally unimpressed with Sony's speed to resolve issues with the A-77. Not a low end camera, and customers have invested a fair amount in a camera model that doesn't work as designed fully. For me I was far happier with the A-700, in comparison. A-77 has been a love/hate relationship.

As I mentioned above, A-33/55 off camera flash issues with live view effects were only solved when the A-35/57 etc were released. Sony's solution is to issue new models, rather than support owners of existing problematic cameras in some cases.

Buying a camera that doesn't work 100% properly as designed is like buying a car that is a lemon. It gives the consumer the same sort of feeling.

WYSIWYG (my biggest A-77 frustration) is very accurate in my HX9V, yet very misleading in my A-77, not something I can trust (have to do it the old way like with an OVF). Varies greatly from accurate to inaccurate depending on lighting, and camera settings. Startup is still slow, compared to some other EVF makes. Lens support is very limited (very short list of lenses supported still), etc etc. Sony still has work to do obviously.

Noise control, could stand improvement. On DXO the A-65 scores much lower than the A-77. 717 vs 801 for the A-77 in low light. Same sensor, Sony really needs to improve noise control on the A-65. Not sure why such a huge differnce. In competition the Nikon OVF D3200 out performs even the A-77 using the same sensor in an entry level model of Nikon. D3200 scores 1131 for low light, ouch.

A-77 for me is a love/hate relationship.
photobuf PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by photobuf (member) 4 years ago
After reading what the 1.06 release improved or added, it's obvious that Sony never read this thread.

When is Sony going to realize that the A-65 and A-77 have real issues.

Adding 8 lens profiles that only work in jpeg for owners of specific lenses is of little help to improve two less than perfect camera bodies.

Being able to disable the movie buton, nice to have but doesn't affect performance or operation.

When will Sony address the real problems. Sony says they listen, obviously not. People invest quite a bit of money investing in A-65/77s, yet Sony doesn't seem too concerned about addressing the real issues.

In one of the firmware post, sounded like Sony was doing A-65/77 users a favour, offereing a free firmware update, when they stated, 'Sony is always concerned about quality and customer satisfaction and therefore is offering a firmware update for Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera SLT-A77'.

Dear Sony: - Consumers did you a favour by investing in your faulty A-65/77s, when are you going to prove to consumers that the above proclaimed concern about 'quality and customer satisfaction' is really addressed, by fixing the real outstanding problems?

12 months of continuing to sell a faulty product with non consumer concern doesn't paint a good corporate image of Sony. Totally pathetic customer support and concern. Glad I treat my customers far better in my business.
bobnospum 4 years ago
I got the Sony firmware roadmap from a friend of a friend who knows a guy whose brother-in-law once owned a Sony walkman.

2012 - Option to disable movie button
2013 - Allow "?" button to be reprogrammed
2014 - Add Steady Shot On/Off to list of reprogramable functions
2015 - Auto ISO in M Mode
2016 - Tethering support

Of course the really sad part is that this is probably an overly optimistic schedule, so I would not get your hopes up that Sony can keep to this aggressive schedule.

Kevin -Flushing Michigan Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Kevin -Flushing Michigan (member) 4 years ago
Move along people nothing new to see here ;D Sony firmware director directing crowd away from seeing the lack of support ...
photobuf PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by photobuf (member) 4 years ago
- I'd be a happy camper, if only the WYSIWYG was more accurate in the A-77, since I can never predict when I can count on it to show properly. Seems to vary too much by different types of lighting situations. Don't really need any nice to have stuff, that I'd personally probably never use. But the EVF inaccuracies effect me every time I go out to shoot, and have to double check to see how accurate it was by reviewing shots each time, same as with an OVF. One big advantage of the nice things about EVFs is lost in the Sony lack of support shuffle, of being buggy. Wish Sony would get off their backsides and realize there is a problem, rather than imagining that everything is perfect, because it's not. Maybe they think the problem will fix itself, and go away, but as users, we know that things don't fix themselves. Users just find work arounds, since Sony support isn't capable to resolve issues on products they are still selling.
Kevin_Barrett 4 years ago
Posts to this discussion should be about changes you would like to see. Sony has proven lately (not that we didn't already know) that they listen and respond to customer concerns, and make firmware updates to most of their cameras. Stating that Sony doesn't listen or doesn't respond can only be meant to discourage others from posting their firmware concerns, and I think we can all agree that we don't want that t to happen. Such posts will be removed from this discussion.
jd_shotz PRO 4 years ago

Do you think your specific a77 may have a fault? I've not seen, nor heard of what you refer to as WYSIWYG inaccuracy issues with any SLT's, from any other sources. I see lots about flash exposure issues, but nothing about actual exposures coming out significantly different to what the EVF predicted.

As you say, it completely undermines the point of the EVF if you can't rely on what it tells you. If it was me, I'd have returned the camera for such an issue.
trainerKEN. PRO 4 years ago

My request is auto ISO when shooting in manual mode (like the a99)
photobuf PRO 4 years ago
- Possibly. I'm debating taking it in to have it checked. Sometimes it's totally wacky. Experimented with it last night in low light, totally unreliable. Just want to play with it a bit more, because it's difficult to explain when it will be off, seems random. Going to have to start writing down when it occurs, and how much it's off by, so I have something to tell Sony service.
mikeyp2000 PRO 4 years ago
Photobuf, outside +\- 2 EV of the metered exposure, my a77 evf doesn't quite show what the final pic will look like. I always thought that was just a limitation of the implementation and I rarely want to shoot outside of the metered range anyway.

I assumed that outside +\-2 that the camera was just sort of guessing at the final exposure, backed up by the flashing triangles at each end of the meter scale.

trainerKen - autoISO in M mode is now my default shooting setting on my a99. Sony MUST implement this on the a77 (and all other models too!)
photobuf PRO 4 years ago
@mikeyp2000 - The EV adjustment on the A-77 is +/- 5 EV though. I'll experiment within +/- 2 EV and see how accurate it is. In theory should work for the whole range.
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