heavenly hook [deleted] 1:47pm, 15 September 2011
Hi all, this is my first post and I hope that answers to this post are as useful for me as for users reading them. I have been invited to be the photographer at the Pacha disco of my city, it is a luxury party place, and perhaps one of the best Disco's in my area. Well I do not have a reflex yet and I take my pictures with a sony H10, actually I have a good control over my camera in portraits and in landscapes. I never took pictures inside a party and when I have pay attention to the cameras used there I've seen that they mostly use DSLR with an external flash. i just wonder if the result with my camera could be near as good as a DSLR in such a places (I know that it can't be better) but the result could be also good.

The idea is to get a result similar in quality to the pictures of www. tillate.com

Thank you very much, i do really appreciate your help.

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