A.M.G. Photos 1:26pm, 16 July 2010
im about to really dig into the usage of my camera and i was wondering if anyone knows of any good editing software for someone who's never used any before. i want to start enhancing some of my images to get the most out of the final product and i could really use the help of more experienced photographers.

(shareware and trial copies preferred, as im on a budget)

thanks a lot for taking the time to read.
SilverChrome7 8 years ago
"GIMP" is a free photo editing software. Or "Photoshop Elements" which is relatively inexpensive.
swanky offer [deleted] 8 years ago
you should check out this link..


Tatters ✾ PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Tatters ✾ (member) 8 years ago
For basic editing, my favourite
FastStone free software
It is also great tools for cropping at various aspect ratios, resize, rotate, framing, stitch... and simple for view.
Just great software.
tama-leigh 8 years ago
My favorite is Paint.net... www.getpaint.net/
fun2craft2002 7 years ago
i use paint shop pro...but it costs money
onTheWrongSide 7 years ago
For basic photo editing you can try Picasa from Google. Its easy to use light weight photo management solution + editing.
It is free.
cloolis101 PRO 7 years ago
This is a good site to edit your pics
Abdul Vadooth 7 years ago
I used to work with corel paint shop pro and ps 3...to make my sony hx9 photo superb and excellent...
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