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I have 4 questions for each of the categories in relate to Sony H50?
I am a photography Newbee so please elaborate...

1. Is it required?
2. Available products ( with specification ) in Indian Market?
3. Price Range?
4. How do it improve my photography , any links or examples to prove?

A. Wide angle / Zoom Lens
B. Macro Lens
C. UV / Polariser

Thanks, Kaustav
Rayphoto.in by Amitava Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Rayphoto.in by Amitava (member) 7 years ago
Kaustav these gears required for mainly for DSLR cameras. Hence I bounded to buy Dsir camera Nikon D5000. Above products does not required at all since you are using Sony DSC-H50. It is the most Versatile point & shoot camera.

Only thing you may required is the UV filter as a dust guard, to save the lens. Because UV ray do not emit that much here in Kolkata or closer to Sea level, unless & until you visit for Ladakh or such a High Altitude.

Don't buy local made useless items. Use original UV filter from Sony Center. You will found every details at Sony India's website.

You really need 1 good Tripod.

Sony UV Filter model no : VF-74MP
Sony mini Tripod model no : VCT-R100

Happy clicks.
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DIEHARDLuck 8 years ago
What amitava says is right, but to an extent....I also have a sony H50.

1. The lenses and filters you are talking about are not necessary but helps improve photo quality a lot. Also buying sony branded lenses is ok but filters are expensive. Rather you can try with filters provided by local producers like Omax Photo. I am planning to purchase a 74 mm to 72 mm step down ring which will allow you to fit 72 mm filters on H50 and as mentioned in some other thread vignetting can be overcome by only 1x zoom. also these filters cost around Rs. 500-700 and are quite affordable. You can just give it a try. Once you polish your skills and feel like you can handle a DSLR effectively, you can buy a DSLR and lenses and filter which are from well known brands. According to me these reasonably priced and easily available filters can be an affordable way of trying yourself with these filters and the quality improvement in your photos. As we are in a learning phase you can try such techniques.

2. Wide angle and tele photo conversion lenses, I would prefer sony only because there are many quality problems with third party lenses. tele photo conversion lens increase the maximum zoom capacity of the camera while wide angle lens allow you to cover wider area than without it. Sony lenses costs between Rs. 5000 to 10000

3. There are also uv/ cpl/ macro/ND filters available on ebay from brands lke marumi and local like omax and many other producers ranging from 500 -900 Rs.

4. Links to prove improved quality
a. Left- with CPL Right- Without CPL


b. effect of ND filter


c. effect of UV filter

images.channeladvisor.com/Sell/SSProfiles/82056311/Images... Filter 2.JPG

And as advised by amitav it is preferable to have a nice quality tripod (full size) from makers like sony or vivitar and many others an they will cost you somewhere aroung 1200 to 5000 rs.

So see for yourself and decide what you want to do.
Hope this helps
MSidPhoto 8 years ago
Hey Kaustav! Hope you're doing well. I own a Sony DSC-H10 and have used it for about 2 years. Now firstly, relating to your first question: Is it required depends upon what or how you want to photograph.

The wide angle and zoom lens is really useful if you have to photograph landscapes or want to take group photos at a party or take part in wedding photography. The wide angle/zoom lens is not a very common attachment so you might have to look around. It is possible that you mind need to order it over the net.

The second is the macro lens. It is more appropriately called macro diopter or macro filter. The question is whether you need it? Well I ask You, what do you want to photograph? So once again, if you have interest in macro photography, go ahead and buy one. Once again it is possible that you might have to search around but if you find a good one, I'd say you are gonna be real lucky since you can capture some really fantastic shots. I have used a macro diopter with my H10 and got some really nice results. You can have a look at my sets and see for yourself.

As for the UV filter, it is a useful filter for protecting the lens of your camera especially dust particles. And the polariser is useful once again for landscapes as it allows the features of the sky to be made much more visible and gives a nice effect.

Ok as for the brand, somehow, I have a third party macro filter and find it better then the "branded" ones. Although if you're going for a wide angle/ zoom attachment then get something that is reputed and not just something off the shelf.

To get the general idea for the prices check out Amazon.

Anyways, hope that I have been helpful,
@DaskBlogs 7 years ago
Hi All,

Apologies for checking the log very late.

Thanks four your responses.
Well to the next level of Questions now, that I am facing -

If I point very close (say 5cm) to a small object with the background abt 1m distance, I get a good blurred background with the object enlarged. I guess this is Macro photography. The question is very naive here - then for sony h50, why do we need Macro lens and what is the ratio 1:4 mean ?

Thanks again for making my day!
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