Sony DSC H5

simple stop [deleted] 8:09am, 7 September 2009
hi guys!
im just a new member of your group... the pictures were all excellent. Can anyone please help me where can i get or where can i visit sites that i can learn more in taking pictures? i've just got sony cybershot DSC H5 last May 2009. Lastly for those who has and know what kind of accesories can i buy for my camera, suggestions will be a big help. Thank you guys.
codeshop Posted 9 years ago. Edited by codeshop (member) 9 years ago
simple stop [deleted] 9 years ago
AAAndrew PRO 9 years ago
I just read the whitepaper and I learned more about my camera in reading that then I have in the several years of using it. That was just fantastic and I'm convinced that it will help me take better pictures.

Thanks, codeshop
codeshop 9 years ago
Your welcome :o)
Veljanova 9 years ago
That is great, unfortunately it's not free. And it's a problem when you live in a city in the galaxy far, far, far away...
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