saish_in_goa 10:22am, 3 July 2009
All right we all love our Hs but the one I own H50 seems to be slow enough to miss the action,the fact is this camera suffers from shutter lag because of which by the time you snap the moment your subject is already off the frame.It also takes considerable time to start hence cant be used at the spur of the moment.h50 users..what have you got to say??
adhesive glove [deleted] 9 years ago
agrees with U,,,,,,

shutter lag is a common problem in every P&S
santosh_kudtarkar 9 years ago
Dear Friend... H50 is a Prosumer camera... So pls dont expect much from it.... What ever is packed in this is enough for the entry level person who want to experiment with the manual modes and many other nik-naks.

Love ur machine and explore the boundaries of it... Best of luck...
Belive me I am not getting paid by SONY for this comments
Kelly.Hunter. PRO 9 years ago
Heh I have noticed this too... but I still love it for my second camera :)
Michelle McClary 9 years ago
god i hate the shutter lag!
judicious grape [deleted] 9 years ago
If you put in manual or aperture priority with manual focus, the lag is over. If you can predict the movement and press shutter by half you can save the moment. Or put the camera in sports mode, but it consumes more battery. I never had problem with lag.
saish_in_goa 9 years ago
Ya i do agree a machine has limits and one cant go beyond that but my friend as compared to other competitors its slower I wonder If sony has improved upon it in its HX1.

About the above comment yes,the camera is faster but consumes more battery than it does otherwise.Sometimes I have observed even the sports mode doesnt do its work quiet well.

Finally coming to my camera,yes I love it,for the accurate color reproduction and amazing range of settings.I used to own a compact earlier.Despite of all its cons its pros stand out...
Art.Dinardo 9 years ago
Use Manual, and the lag is over. Also the focus.
if you need a faster cam, try Canon, or Nikon prosumer cams.
Or Sony alfa series. The price is almost the same (only the body), but you will have a better performance, lens options, filter, and more...
:France Photography: 8 years ago
This tells you how to set your camera up so the focus wont lag as bad... best thing i have ever read.
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