awesome seashore [deleted] 3:59pm, 1 July 2009
Hi to all, im thinking in buy a new camera, i have 2 choices, first is the Sony H3 (new article) and second Sony H7 (used article) here is where i have the doubt... can give me a tip for this? Thank you!

Im going to use this camera for photo amateur, nothing professional, but yes, i want be shure of buy a good thing.
blue.ish es tridas =★ Posted 9 years ago. Edited by blue.ish es tridas =★ (member) 9 years ago
yo uso la H7, la compré hace unos dias y de verdad estoy muy un buen bridge para luego pasar a una profesional
los macros son increibles, puedes hacerlos casi tocando tu objetivo con el lente y tiene bajo ruido (hasta iso 400 q es lo q he probado hasta el momento ) :D


por cierto puedes ver mi galeria, las ultimas fotos son con la H7
designz PRO 9 years ago
My dad has the H3 and we own the H7. The H7 is a newer camera, but they have many of the same features. I would say go for the H7 with the larger zoom. " )
Airone87 9 years ago
H3 4ever!!! Much more practicle, confortable and lighter....
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