alegria7 9:07pm, 8 April 2009
Hi all, I just bought a Sony H10 camera, and it looks amazing. The photos are great, but I'm having some mixed feelings regarding the display and focusing and I'm thinking that something might be wrong with this camera. As I bought it online and I can only return it, it would help me a lot if you guys could tell me how the picture on your display looks like.

My LCD display looks pretty blury, like you're watching a tv movie from 60s. When you are shooting a photo, it's very hard to determine if the camera has focused and how the picture is going to look like. The display seems to be interlaced; however when you're viewing already shot photos they look a bit better. I've checked the specs, and the number of pixels should be comparable with cameras like Panasonic LX2 and FZ5 which have great crisp displays...

I had a lot of other cameras before, and I;ve never seen something like this. Please help me resolve the mistery - if it's only this piece of camera, II can hopefully get it replaced!
Michelle McClary 10 years ago
when you look at the photos on your computer, are they sharp?
if not, its probably the focus.
if they are sharp, its probably the LCD
I find that the screen looks very bad when shooting at anything above than ISO 200. As you say, once you have taken the shot, it often looks better. At ISO 100/200, and when there's plenty of light, the display seems to be fine. Hope that helps.
alegria7 10 years ago
Thanks to both of you!

The photos look great on the pc (at least those where I managed to focus the camera properly). the macros are excellent. I didn't try put any special ISO settings, just the normal auto setting (at daylight and in the evening).

But what's the display like on your camera? Can you clearly see details on the display before you shoot a photo? can you recognize if it's focused or not?
penguendedektif 10 years ago
Well of course. I think the quality of the LCD is great (apart from direct sunlight of course). If yours is not sharp enough there might be a problem. Maybe you can go to a store and try one there whether it looks the same as yours, if not you can return it,
good luck...
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If you're shooting on auto, your camera may be selecting an ISO above 200. I don't know, I only use the manual mode. This will make the display lose some crispness. Is it that the screen appears blurry, or shows a lot of digital noise? Whilst its not blurry for me, I very often find that I miss the focus on macro shots. Using a tripod really helps, as the smallest movement can put your subject out of the DOF. I just take several (typically about 10) shots when I'm taking a macro shot - chances are one of them will work out. If I'm not going to get a chance to reshoot I'll take more.
I'm afraid it's all you can do - the shots are obviously going to look sharper on the camera screen than they will on your computer. When you're not shooting macro, the DOF is going to be large enough that most things appear sharp, and the AF is pretty reliable in this situation, anyway.
adhesive glove [deleted] 10 years ago
Personally I think that there is some fault in your piece only........ In common I don't find such problems.........
Yes Sometime in low light conditions when U use flash the pre view of the photo looks less detailed and out of focus but the clicked photo looks to be far better than it seemed to be..............
karanpanthaky 8 years ago
I am noticing LCD bloom when I look at bright lights, it's a purple streak that runs down the LCD. I just got an h10 ... Used... I'd this a defect? The bloom is not present in the final image though... Should I be bothered? Let mr know. Also does the steady shot mechanism create a humming noise? Thanks
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