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Arthur Wistuba 4:17pm, 23 January 2009
Hi there

I'm owner of a Sony H50, and I'm very curious about the Hoya Filters.

Wich kind of filter does my H50 support?

Thanks, I'm waiting for answers
Wei Hsu 9 years ago
Our dear H50 has an unusual thread size of 74mm. Before getting any Hoya filters, you need to get either a step up (74-77) ring adapter or a step down (74-72) ring adapter.

Having done that, you can pretty much buy any filter from Hoya: UV, multi-coat, polarizer, etc.

Few things to consider: 72mm filters will cause vignetting when camera is not zoomed. 77mm filters are more expensive. The enormous adapter provided by Sony obstructs the flash.

There is an option that will let you use 58mm filters. I don't know much about it, but here's the site:

Take your time, study carefully your options, and happy shopping!
Arthur Wistuba 9 years ago
this site you sent has a lot of ring adapters...and I found 74-52, 74-55, 74-58, 74-62, 74-62, 74-72 and 74-77

wich one of these ring adapters will work fine, I mean, will be the best option? they're at the same price
Anjitha 9 years ago
Arthur I believe 74-72 is the best choice. I hate sony's monopoly designs. Little vignet comes but you can little zoom and avoid it. 72mm filter are cheap compare to 77mm. Then it is cost effective to go for 72mm.
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