Sony H10 Camera

Xquisite cakes 6:56pm, 16 November 2008
Hi all.
I want to know who has one and if it's any good?
Hot_Pie 10 years ago
I have an H10 and I love it. It all depends on what you want to do with it, I mostly take pictures of my dolls, I bought some macro filters off ebay for it and now it takes amazing closeup shots, just as good as some DSLR's in my opinion. You should take a look at the reviews on Amazon, they really helped me when I was shopping around for a camera. Good luck :)
lamiglass1 10 years ago
i too have an h10, feel free to look through my photo stream and check out the pics i have taken with it. and keep in mind that i am about as amatuer as it gets with taking pictures although i do love taking pictures and since i got this camera i have been doing more and more
bmjj85 10 years ago
Which filters do you use?
adhesive glove [deleted] 10 years ago
H10 is the excellent camera i
If u have a tight budget and do not go for H50 U should surely go for H10
U could find many cameras having more Mega Pixels and Zoom than H10 in lower price than it but actually they do not give quality and performance

H10 Rockssss
<insert user name here> Posted 10 years ago. Edited by <insert user name here> (member) 10 years ago
I'm happy with my H10, but there's a few things I'd like to see added:
-Custom white balance: although the presets cover most situations, at least to a point where it's correctable in post-processing, this would be nice
-Fully manual focus: the manual focus settings are pretty much unusable for me - in my experience, the situations where it would work are generally the ones for which AF is most reliable. I'm constantly having to retake macro shots because they appear sharp on the camera, only to open them on the computer and find I missed the focus: manual focus would help immensely here. Having said this, the limited manual focus settings are probably useful when shooting sports.
-RAW image format
-Less noise at ISO 800+
-Iris diaphragm - instead of aperture controls, it has a built in neutral density filter, to "fake" stopping down to f/8. This is fine, but it means that you have to adjust DOF through distance from subject, or focal length, which is rather hit and miss.

Apart from this, I'm impressed with the macro mode, the image quality at ISO 400 and below is excellent, and the image stabilisation has helped me to get sharp handheld shots at shutter speeds as low as 1/6 sec (definitely a plus, especially seeing as ISO 800+ is essentially unusable). I do get some minor chromatic abberations, but its only noticeable in 100% crops.

I hope that hasn't dissuaded you from buying it, it's not a bad camera at all. Have a look at the Canon G10, the Sony H50, and some of the similar Panasonics, as well.

Sorry, went on a bit too long.
Ehab75 9 years ago
its my first digital camera

i love it
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