deshaa30 11:55am, 8 October 2008
For people who own Sony Cybershot H50 We believe in learning by sharing and everyone who owns and loves this camera is welcome to join this group in Face Book

Join Now Plzzzzz
santosh_kudtarkar 9 years ago
Hi All;

I am also one of the proud owner of Sony DSC H50.

It's very nice to shoot with it; and i have joined this group to share all the nice captures with you all.

Thanks & keep sharing nice photos... :)
marlon022881 9 years ago
Hello H50 users! I'm Marlon from Manny Paquiao's country the PHILIPPINES. My Boss gave this H50 camera to me plus cash as a bonus(I'm one lucky dork!) . I'm still experimenting to take great photos and I want to learn some techniques from you guyz! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!
MrShakya 9 years ago
Hi There!!
I'm a user of H50 and till now i'm very satisfied with it. But, i'm still wondering how to get much clear pics with this camera in low lights. I'm seeking for the ideas.
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