D-ko 4:34pm, 29 September 2008
I found this on amazon and I was wondering if anyone purchased this?


Is it any good? It seems that you can either use these lenses or the camera's built in zoom, but not both. Are these lenses more powerful and if they are not, are there any benefits to these lenses?

I'm skeptical because it has only one review and it's not a positive one. It seems kind of pointless, but I could be wrong and missing out on something useful.

I would love any input on this ...

I ordered the HD filters www.amazon.com/Opteka-Filter-Cybershot-DSC-H50-Digital/dp... once again realizing they cannot be used with any kind of zoom .. am I right? anyone have these? What do you think?

Are there any other macro lenses/attachments I can buy? What are my options? I have searched around but haven't found anything else ... I have a Sony H9
codeshop 10 years ago
I've no idea about this kit.

Sony however make a tele-converter lens for the H series camera.

The general feeling seems to be:

Anything with a greater magnification than 1.7 X distorts the image.
Cheap lens kits are terrible.

hope this helps
D-ko 10 years ago
yes it does! that was my general mode of thinking - i think i just needed to hear it from someone else :)

they were so cheap compared to the sony lens - i guess you get what you pay for! ;)

I also didn't realize the tele-conversion lens was for macro as well. (I'm still learning!)

codeshop 10 years ago
I think the tele-converter is for telephoto (zoom) photography. I think Sony would do other type of conversion lens.

Try looking here to find what you want.


Then I would shop around to see if you can get these sony parts cheaper else where.
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