OKie surfer 12:24pm, 7 September 2008
As a newby, I don't mean to start anything but.... I'd like opinions. I am leaning towards buying an H2 from Sony refurb., but H7/9 fans might point out something I missed. I've seen posts about the shutter button problems on H2 so will go with an extended warrantee. Questions: Would both a replacement plan and accidental damage plan cover a worn shutter button problem? Do H7/9 fans feel the H2 inferior?
enchanting loaf [deleted] 10 years ago
Have you not considered shopping around for a good deal on a new H50 or even a refurb one. Great camera with added bonuns of the EVF (electronic view finder). Also whilst i am not trying to bad mouth the H2/7 or 9 they are no longer made by sony. Only the H10 and H50.

smoggy cake [deleted] 10 years ago
Buy the H50 you know ou want to.
OKie surfer 10 years ago
Thanks for the replies - I see a lot of enthusiasm for the H50, and for good reason.
designz PRO 10 years ago
My dad has the H2 and we have the H7. He's had his longer, and we've had the opportunity to use both on a regular basis.

H2 uses AA batteries and has a 10x zoom
H7 uses Sony batteries and has a better zoom and is a little quicker. I also find myself hitting the macro button on the H2 often (and so does my dad).

Good luck!
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