Sony DSC-H50

Apple Pie® 3:00pm, 2 May 2008
Well Here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello To My Sony DSC-H50!!!
I got it Yesterday Afternoon, it's ...I can't describe how great of a camera this is, and I have only had it for a day.
I Think you should all get it!!!
Jerry (jerrywongjh) 10 years ago

It's out already?
Apple Pie® 10 years ago
Yes it is!!!!!!! Mine was shipped on the 30th and i got it on the 1st :P
I ordered from cuz i wanted the silver one
It said I wouldnt get it until about May 7th, but i guess I am LUCKY
Red Umbrellaman 10 years ago
sweet cam you got there!
α is for äpΩL † Posted 10 years ago. Edited by α is for äpΩL † (member) 10 years ago
guys i need your help, i believe this is also for H50 and H7 users. i have an inquiry... i bought an original sony telephoto and wide angle lens last week. i'm just wondering if i'd still need to purchase an adapter for it or will it fit directly (since it's also from sony)

these are the two lenses i purchased: and

need your advise, my relatives in the US already has it and i'd like to know if i need to purchase a separate adapter for the two.

sure2talk PRO 10 years ago
These lenses will fit onto the adapter that comes with the camera (the one that you use for attaching the lens hood).
Ben Kennedy Images PRO 10 years ago
I'd love to see some pics using the wide angle adapter...anyone????
fuzzy humor [deleted] 10 years ago
me too, i m also plannin to get the wide angle one
goodwill2006 10 years ago
the discussion has created an interst in me ti buy the wide angle too.
I do not speak nor I write in English, but before buying it sight if in truth it is necessary, have I it for 6 months and she never uses it.

goodwill2006 10 years ago
very true...............has any one got the images by using wide angle lens?
sweetron1982 10 years ago
i bought the h50 and i will probaly will get it friday or saturday.
iam so excited to see what the cam can do and feels like :-)
now got a lumix fx-3 i think this is a huge step further.

as soon as i got it and taken some picture's i will post a mini review here.
nuj_lawmaker 10 years ago
h50 is great!! i bought mine two months ago..easy to use.. handy.. gr
nuj_lawmaker 10 years ago
can u pls post a picture using the H50 with the wide angle lens pls? im planning too buy one. tanx
manuelnieberle 10 years ago
nice, i'll get this camera in black tomorrow!
and yea, it would be awesome if someone cut post pictures with the wide angle lens.
manuelnieberle 10 years ago
*could post pictures....

sorry for the misspelling.
enchanting loaf [deleted] 10 years ago
manuelnieberle, if your search " sony dsc-h50" on flickr you will find very good product shots of the H50 with both the wideangle and telephoto lens options on.


manuelnieberle 10 years ago
alright. thank you very much!
manuelnieberle 10 years ago
i got it today!

it's a really great camera!
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