H7 Focus

Gar Luc 3:06am, 28 March 2008
Hey everyone I was wondering how its possible to focus on the night sky so that I can take 30 second shutter pictures. I've tried playing with the focus settings on it but it does not correctly focus on a star in the sky. What suggestions would you have for me?

RTrevisoli 10 years ago
Bom !!!

O ideal é verificar se realmente o problema é de foco ou se a camera esta se movendo durante os 30 segundos.

Caso seja realmente o foco, tente ajustar o mesmo para a condição de infinito.

PS: Desculpe-me pela resposta em portugues.

Gar Luc 10 years ago
I was able to translate what you have said RT.
The camera is not being moved, it is on a tripod and a 2 second delay before shutter opens. Another problem is that it is near impossible to see anything in the view finder or the lcd screen; everything is black. I was able to look at the pictures after they were taken and they come out ok, but I cannot exactly see what I am taking a picture of during that time of taking the picture.
inc0gn1t0uk 10 years ago
if you want to say line up a shot before taking it i would suggest cranking up either the iso making the screen lighter so you can see whats on the screen and maybe drop the shutter speed at the same time increasing even more light if needs be get the shot lined up then return to your shooting settings on the iso and shutter speeds etc and then away you go
Gar Luc 10 years ago
I'll give that a try inc0gn. Thanks.
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