PΛULDREEVES PRO 10:44am, 6 March 2008
I'm interested in buying a fisheye lens; but I'm unsure of whether there is one available? Sony itself sell a 'Wide angle' converter, but from an example I saw this was not what i was after.

Can anyone help? Is there one? How much would it be?

Thank you :)
Trina Baker Photography Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Trina Baker Photography (member) 10 years ago
Is this what you are looking for ?


I have a couple of Optek lenses and they are reasonably priced, maybe not the greatest glass, but there are not many choices for this camera

Also, there is a fisheye conversion with 9 levels of control in the camera editing settings.
PΛULDREEVES PRO 10 years ago
That looks perfect thanks :)
Cosmos_Photography 10 years ago
Look on ebay for sony dsc h3 fisheye, thats where i got my 22x fisheye lens, works good, would like a better one but cant find any as yet
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