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doctorxx316 3:30am, 25 February 2008
Im looking to buy a new digital camera. I am a night shooter that needs better long range shots like scoreboards and christmas displays. Ive been looking at a sony h3/b. I used to have a kodak z1275 which was nice but not enough zoom.

If anyone has any advice please let me know

Red Umbrellaman 10 years ago
hey brian,though not new to photography, i just bough my first superzoom camera yesterday, the h7, it's a neat camera i find, but compared to h3/B, it's not much of a difference in the specs i think. the difference btwn the h3 and h7 is just h3 lacks a EVF and has a greater zoom than the h3 at 15X. of,h7 is definitely bigger, buy hey, having to take pictures through the evf is easier,esp if you have unsteady hands.but i did do my research before purchasing the h7,and it definitely caught my yeah,have fun choosing! :)
Dixon Marshall PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Dixon Marshall (member) 10 years ago
I have an H2, and I really value that viewfinder. The LCD is turned off by default, only to be used for macro shots, or other shots that I need to hold the camera away from my body. Camera shake is much less of an issue with me, when using the viewfinder.

I have used it for indoor and low-light sports, and find that this works best when the dial is set to ISO mode. Yes, there is noise, but I post process with DXO or Elements to remove the noise.

If you want virtually noise-free low-light shots, the only way to go is with a decent DSLR, such as the EOS 40D. There are basketball shots from both the H2 and the 40D in my photostream.
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