daffy advice [deleted] 8:45am, 15 January 2008
Does anyone have an idea what settings to use for a fashion show? I am using the H9. I took photos of a local fashion show and the photos were really bad. A friend suggested that I check the metering or white balance depending on the lighting conditions. The fashion show was done in a mall and was well lit. Any suggestions?
Dixon Marshall PRO 10 years ago
A mall may seem well lit to your eyes, but generally they are not. The same goes for the gym where my son plays middle school basketball. The lights are seemingly bright halogen, but the walls are the school colors of gold and blue, and the floor is natural blond oak, also yellow. To the naked eye, the lighting seems normal, but to my camera, it is butt ugly.

I have an H2, but the solution that I use should apply to your H9:
Take half sheet of quality white matte photo paper with you, and use it to set your white balance in the mall lighting. Frame the piece of paper so that it fills the viewfinder or LCD completely, then use the "One Push" white balance set. This should give you the correct color balance.

The lighting may be insufficient to give you a "freeze-frame" effect if the model is moving, so follow the model's movement in your viewfinder, and let the background blur. This gives some impressive effects, and is what I do at basketball games (check my photostream).

There are many other setting details that I may use at any given time, but that came with experience. If you want pictures with everything in focus, and with no motion blur, then you will need to buy a decent SLR.

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