Miss Cheska 9:30pm, 25 December 2007
What tripod(s) do you have for your Sony DSC HN? What are relatively good brands for someone with a low budget? I have an H7 and I'm looking for one.

I have the Sony VCMTK (LOL, I THINK that's what's it's called) and it's small but okay for doing macro shots. Pair it up with the remote and it works well for self-portraits too, but I'm looking for something a tad bit bigger than I can take out with me for everyday, especially when I'm doing the project 365 and need a steady hand.

Recommendations and feedback would be greatly appreciated!
workable sidewalk [deleted] 10 years ago
I have the Platinum Plus 5800D. It wasn't very expensive, I believe it was around $20.00. It's aluminum and light weight and it has every angle setting you can imagine. It's great !
daffy advice [deleted] 10 years ago
It really depends on your budget. The screws in the tripod fits all conventional and digital cameras. Tripods comes in various sizes. I have a tripod as big as my palm. I used it in my old film camera and now in my sony. My friend told he has a tripod which he can just whip out and fold back easily. He uses it when he goes hiking and other outdoor activities. He is out of town, I forgot to ask details about it.
enchanting loaf [deleted] 10 years ago
I have recently purchased a Manfrotto 190XC and its great, yes its pretty expensive but i figured it will last for when i go DSLR.

I also have a Gorilla Pod SLR whish is great fun to use.

Like paxson said depends on your budget, but i would also consider future camera upgrades/plans.

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