King Woodrose 9:28pm, 2 October 2007
My brother called me today from work to tell me he had got us some Oakland Raiders tickets! I'm not sure how much of sports fans you guys are (I'm actually a 49er fan) but I can't wait to photograph a major sporting event. I can imagine myself now, getting as close as possible, then using the zoom to get even closer...My real sport of choice is basketball. Football is even better though, I'll have sunlight! Well, I'm not sure when the game is, I hope its the next one. Either way, I'll post back in this topic when I've gone.

Has anyone ever photographed football before? Any advice?

I wonder if the zoom will be enough from our seats. I'll try and get as close as possible without getting in trouble.
v1nz` 11 years ago
*Yey* cant wait to see those shots King Woodrose! =))
I havent ever photographed a sports event, but I'm sure this would be an educational experience for the rest of the group members as we would get to know what the H series is capable of!
Do share the settings! =)
Go wild!
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