Reverse lens.

v1nz` 6:11am, 1 October 2007
What is a reverse lens?
Is it different than conversion lenses or is it the same?
Secondly, which reverse lenses are best for H5?
яızωαи 11 years ago
Reverse lens is a technique used in DSLR cameras in which your reverse the direction of a lens by holding it in front of the Camera and by that you could get results similar to a Macro Lens. Since for a DSLR cameras, every Lens is not essentially a Macro Lens so one has to buy a specific lens for Macros. This Technique however allows a user to bypass a costly purchase and to enjoy the Macro capabilities, though its not that recommendable because 1st its cumbersome and 2nd it increases the chances of Dust to accumulate within the sensor of a DSLR Camera.

For more info you may refer to:

Sony DSC-H5 has a non-replacable Built in Carl Zeiss Lens which is infact a superb qualilty Macro Lens as well, so you don't really require a substitute, honestly. You can however use a Sony Close up lens with it to enhance the magnification and details at larger zooms - a technique known as Tele-Macro.
v1nz` 11 years ago
Thanks for the detailed reply Rizwan, really appreciate it!
I have been toying around with VCL M3358 lately, thats a closeup lens I use wid H5, and i didnt know a reverse lens wasnt mandatory!
Ellipsis3 PRO 11 years ago
I also have an H5 and I use canon's 250 D as a macro lens on my H5. You can add more than 1 macro lenses to add more zoom and you can also try a combination of macro and tele to get even more interesting results. :)
v1nz` 11 years ago
thanks ellipsis3.
=) Id mail you for askin the details.
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