v1nz` 9:19pm, 28 September 2007
I recently got a nice offer from a friend, he's selling his Nikon 70-300mm F4-F5.6 G AF lens...the thing is im not sure, if I should go for it cause who knows if its compatible with H5 or not.
Has anyone experimented?
Kindly reply.
RukatheBlackfish 11 years ago
No it wouldn't. Any lenses you buy for the Hs have to screw on. The Nikon's have senors and what not and fit into a Nikon in a certain way. They are completely different.
v1nz` 11 years ago
umm..okie thanks.
Phydeaux Haxor 11 years ago
yeah, you can only get "lens adapters" and "filters" for the H5. It already has a "lens". That's the downside of having an advanced point and shoot compared to a dSLR.
v1nz` 11 years ago
=) You're right about that.
Phydeaux Haxor 11 years ago
Yeah, I want a canon xt or xti soo bad. I wish I had the cash....

*holds sign on the street* "Poor photographer needs canon!!"
King Woodrose 11 years ago
lol. I feel you too Phydeaux. I want a Nikon, BAD! I love those little cameras. I cant decide from the D40/D40X/D80. Anything else would be too much. Whats even more sad is, I dont have patience so I think I'm going to buy the body first, then save again and get a lens. I figure the body is affordable enough, then having it here in the house will be enough motivation to get the lens.

*Also holds sign on the street* "What he said, only Nikon."
v1nz` 11 years ago
I'm with you fellas!
*holds up the same sign as King woodrose*
Phydeaux Haxor 11 years ago
haha....i didn't like the feel of the d40 compared to the XT or XTi. (personal preference, don't wanna start nikon vs canon fight that's been oh so beat into the ground), and I can't afford the XTi (shooting, physical appearance isn't much different....just the MP is the only diff. I see for $200), and I lost my main job, and my Sony H2 is slowly biting the dust...haha. The autofocus stopped working, I get the message "please turn camera off and on again" about every other time I turn the camera on, etc. So if anyone from canon reads this, I'm open to donations, maybe something used or refurbished that they can't resell? haha.
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