sniderscion PRO 4:13pm, 22 September 2007
I've noticed that when my lens is fully extended it rattles a bit if shaken. It seems like perhaps the mounting isn't completely firm. It doesn't twist in either direction but there's a little bit of play up and down. Has anyone else noticed this? It's not like it's really loose, just not totally anchored.
Is this something I should get checked out? The camera is about 3 months old (if that).
Thanks in advance.
Phydeaux Haxor 11 years ago
yup, ditto...H2? Good luck, and let me know what you find!
sniderscion PRO 11 years ago
H7, I guess it's the same throughout the series. I will definitely do followup post if I discover anything.
Phydeaux Haxor 11 years ago
it's like the ring before the lens on the H2, there's a silver outer ring that the lens adapter screws into, which makes it seem loose.
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