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Flash, Polarizers, Night Photography--all thrown in!

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Miss Cheska says:

Okay, so I decided to be brave and started using the manual mode. I happened to have my camera with me one night when I left class late, so I figured I'd walk around campus and experiment with night photography. I also had the polarizer filter on and didn't think to unscrew it off as I was taking pictures.

My questions are--

1) is it okay to use the polarizer at night?
2) why can't I use flash when I'm in manual mode?
3) is there any other way of amping up the brightness? The farthest I could go with ISO settings was 400 (in manual mode), and had to crank aperture and shutter speeds to the lowest setting, which I think was ~4.
4) how do I get aperture and macro to work together under low light? For example, I was doing a macro of a rosary chain hanging from my rearview mirror in the parking lot. The backdrop was of a city line--but I wanted to blur the backdrop out so it was just blurred colors and have a sharp focus on the beads. Every time I attempted it, the beads I was focusing on was too dim and blurry.

and last question may be a little unrelated, but still has to do with flash--

5) I've also heard of a "fill flash"; do h7's have that option and if so, how do I get to that setting?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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King Woodrose says:

Hey Cheska! lol. Anyway, as you know, we have the same camera. So hopefully this helps.

1. Yes, its ok. I do it. It changes colors slightly but thats opinion, do both and see what you think.
2. You can, you must have had it in in burst mode. That setting doesnt allow flash(it cant recharge that fast). Other than that, it should work.
3. Yes, but I wouldnt reccommend raising ISO speed, it gets grainier and granier upwards of 80. Just use a low speed in combination with a tripod. Make sure your subject doesnt move though, it will blur otherwise.
4. This is tricky. In the case of the beads, I'd again use a slow speed and a tripod. I say this because if you'd used the flash it would have reflected on your window. But flash would be another option(remember the intensity can be changed, you may need to. If its still too bright, move back and zoom, or put on your polarizer. It works as a mild ND filter.
5. I'm not sure about this one so I'll just tell you all the flash settings and you can try them out and see if they give you the results you want.
If you turn on your camera, press home, go to the all the way to the right, then higlight shooting options, THEN, go down to shooting options 2, you can change the flash from Front to Rear, or vice versa.
Also, if you press right, while in camera mode, it will change from flash always on to SL flash. Those are all the settings I know of for flash.

I hope i helped. Good luck Cheska! *edit* Ms. Cheska
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