somnath.paldas 3:25pm, 11 September 2007
I've purchased my DSC H2 on Sept'2006 & till date I've taken 6500+ shots including 500+ videos.

Model No – Sony Cyber Shot DSC - H2 E32
Date of Purchase – 24-09-2006
Purchased From – Capital Chowringhee Pvt. Ltd.
Esplanade , Kolkata
West Bengal , India

But result is not satisfactory at all.

I'm facing so many problems as follows.....

1. It hunts for focus so much while shooting video. I’ve tried with "Single”, "Monitor" & “Continuous" focusing mode, but the result is same.
2. Colours seem so artificial, especially skin tones while taking the portrait.
3. Many shots come underexposed while using Auto/Prg Auto / Landscape mode (except manual).
4. It fails to expose properly when there are range of light , mid range , dark object in same frame.
5. Results are grainy while using high tele zoom or digital zoom.
6. While shooting wildlife / birds using high zoom in the shadow area or in dawn / evening in little low light condition, results are grainy, dull. (6Megs to VGA; 12x to 52x).
7. Result of last some photos (of the set taken in burst / multi burst mode) are very very grainy…it seems that the processor is unable to process.
8. In bright daylight (8am – 3pm), Landscape (city) shots are also not sharp-crisp-bright-colorful....They are like very dull!!
9. Auto Focus system hunts for focus in little low light situation especially in close shots or macro.

10. If I'm shooting continuously for 5 - 10 minutes........(very recently noticed)
• Result of last some photos are very grainy… like the processor is unable to process.
• Some heat is generating in the bottom part of the camera.(Picture Attached)

11. In bright day light while shooting landscape in Auto Focus mode, some times it hunts for focus and don’t show the green light + beep sound (which is a indication of focus found); it shows a white hand sign with ! . As a result of this, the shot appears out of focus, blurry, hazy, and shaky. (It can’t be shaking – shot as those are taken in great speed like 1/500sec & higher & while “Image Stabilization” is on in “Continuous” mode.

................................. there are so many problems I'm facing.I can send you photos I've taken.

I am an amateur photographer. I was using Vivitar V3800N Manual SLR Camera with 28-70 mm Vivitar Zoom Lens & Fuji film Crystal 400.I was getting very sharp, bright, crisp , colorful pictures in every occasion like sea side / hills / city Landscape , Macro , Flower , insects , wildlife , night shots , stage program to wedding ceremony …….. whether in bright light or in low light.

Did I lost my money to SONY???

Pls Advise.


Somnath Pal Das

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King Woodrose 11 years ago
First, I should say that I have never shot with an H2 before. Also I should add that I own a H7 and the proccessor is completely different, as well as the lens I believe, so results may differ. However I believe I might be able to help, seeing as how mine apparently operates at least in a similar fashion.

1. You should spot up before starting video. They made the focus slow here to reduce noise.*not picture noise, actual audio*
2. Make sure you've started from a pure white balance. If you've changed this in the past it may be altering the "naturalness" of your present photos causing distortion in color.
4. Do you have a polarizer? Use it in these situations. It will help evenly distribute the colors. As well as a ND filter should.
5. At high tele some say anti-shake(continuous esp.) causes higher compression. Maybe try not using it and going to a timed, or remote start with a tripod. And never go above 100 ISO. Ever. Unless you have to. But know it brings the noise.
6. and 5. Dont use digital zoom. Its just cropping anyway. At 6 MPs I bet it looks grainy.
7. If you dont really need burst, dont use it. Esp. handheld. Mine takes pretty fast pics anyway w/out the use of burst. It changes the way the camera operates. Its thinking a lot faster, as opposed to a well thought out, careful composition.
8. The sun will do that. Again ND and CPL filters will help here. The sun is very bright, almost too much so for a digi cam.
9. It kind of should. Cameras need light. Thats all they really want. If there isn't much, there's need for a search. Does the H2 have an AF illuminator?
10. Hmmm...I'm not sure here. Im somewhat of a sparse shooter. I take very few shots of desired subjects.
11. Again, stay from auto modes. Are you extending the zoom? If not, your sensor in your camera might be experiencing a malfunction. Its supposed to know when your zoomed out, or shaking exessively so it can help this with the anti-shake.

Well...hope I helped. These things work for me. I despise noise myself just as much as an out of focus pic. So I feel ya. Let me know how it goes. Take it easy.
somnath.paldas 11 years ago
always use ISO 80 , max to 200.never go beyond it.I do generally not use digital zoom.I always use AF Illuminator & Image Stabilization in ON condition.White Balance I use as auto , rest option like contrast,sharpness... etc as normal.Colour as Vivid.what else?

my mail id is

can u mail me some of your photo(unedited with exif) & ur mail id?

did u checked my photos?
King Woodrose Posted 11 years ago. Edited by King Woodrose (member) 11 years ago
Yea, I checked your photos Im about to browse more in depth now though. I'll email you in a bit.
somnath.paldas 11 years ago
As per advice of Sony Customer Care, I went to Sony Service Center at Arobindo Sarani (kolkata) on 17th September’2007 at around 2p.m. & stayed till 3-45p.m..But result is heart breaking (totally unexpected) & not at all acceptable to me.
The guy who was attending me , was trying to put blame on me that I don’t know to operate the camera that’s why I’m not getting good result. He was just trying to make me fool & send me back.
Example: -
1. I told him about the heating of bottom area of the camera.
He answered – “U kept your AF mode as “Monitor”, that’s why it’s generating heat in the monitor (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). U should not use Monitor AF mode”. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Is this a right explanation?
2. I told about bad quality of picture.
He answered – “U were using some options for which results are bad picture quality. I’ve rectified it; now U’ll be getting good picture quality.”
I asked him to show those options.
Firstly he denied to tell me anything. After so many requests, He told me that – “U were using Monitor AF Mode & color as “Vivid”. That’s why results are poor, pls don’t use these options.”
Is this a right explanation?
I was carrying 3 DVDs containing all shots taken in my camera. I requested him so many times to have a look. But he denied.
He took some shots in my camera & said that camera quality is 100% OK. I can mail you those shots if you give me my mail id. These are original shots, unaltered, unedited, raw shot…………now you can judge……….I’m sure that you’ll also be ashamed.
Is this a quality of ‘post purchase service’ from SONY?
But the result of my camera is not at all standard of DSC H2.
I assume that my DSC H2 may have some manufacturing defect / problem in it.
Now please advise what to do with the camera for which I’ve invested 25,000INR, 1 year & dedicated time of taking 6500+ test shots?
somnath.paldas 11 years ago
pls look into the following link to see some bad results from my cam.

I've taken some test shot to compare
my cam ( SONY DSC H2){a prosumer camera worth 25k} with NIKON Coolpix L11 (a beginner - look n click camera worth 6k)

I've created 3 sets for three types of photography.........

I'ld also request to see my works in.....

********** Now what to do?....

pls suggest me to get better result from my cam specially in the field of

Metering Type(Pattern/Center/Spot),
White Balance,
Colour Type (Vivid/normal/natural),
Sharpness Setting,
Contrast Setting,

............................other settings............

in the subjects, I generally shoot.....

1. Bird
2. Sunset
3. Landscape
4. Baby(portratit)[little baby : cann't use direct flash]
5. Table Top
6. Flower
7. Insect

some post shooting technique(I use Photoshop CS2) reduce noise.........

mail me at
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