New H-series

King Woodrose 8:59am, 6 September 2007
Anyone see the new H-series due for release in Sept.? To my knowledge it's somewhat a mix of old and new. It's 8MP and has all the features of an H7 (face detection, 9point focus, etc.), however the zoom only goes to 10X and it will be selling for $299.99. Also it looks a little different.
Honzie Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Honzie (member) 11 years ago
I believe you are referring to the new Sony H3. It basically is the same thing as the H7. I did notice the slight differences as you mentioned along with the range of settings (Ex: aperture range is f/3.5-f/10). I like how sleek that camera looks....but I think i'll keep my H7.
King Woodrose 11 years ago
Hmm...I didn't know that about the aperature. So its a better landscape camera. Cool. I agree, I'll keep my H7, but that would be a nice, more affordable, gift.
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