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King Woodrose 2:54am, 22 August 2007
I would like to know, first, what H-series you have, then what was your largest print size. I own an H7 (8MP, 72 DPI) and it says the largest recommended print size is A7 or 11X17. Some cameras, though, have recommendations that are underestimated. No matter how many MP's you have, I'd still like to know. As long as your in the DSC-H family, your input shall prove most useful to me. Thanks guys/gals!

P.S. Also, just a side note. How does everyone get their photos seen? I want to end up on the home page or at least the interesting page. Thanks again.
David Aseer 11 years ago
I use a H5 ... 7M ... ui Use CS2 to play around with the DPI.

if u wanna have ppl visiting ur stream, u should visit others' streams and post comments :) ... basically to are widening ur "contacts" .. thats how u get seen...
Phydeaux Haxor 11 years ago
Well, to speak for myself (as a n00b), I've only had one picture in explore, and i agree with spechalyst, you gotta make yourself known, join groups, post your pics in discussions, comment other people's work, etc. Although, the more groups you have your photo in, the less interesting the flickr god sees it. Why? I dunno, it's part of their formula somehow...I guess they figure you're trying too hard
Dancing Deer Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Dancing Deer Photography (member) 11 years ago
I use the max mp and resolutions , if you use any less, your really not getting your cameras moneys worth.

I stay away from those post2/comment on 5 groups, joinning those groups actually hurt your chances on exlore, the algorythm that picks out pics ramdomly clips those in those kinda groups. Any kinda groups where a comment is required to be a member is not picked, most get join those after the pic makes it to explore, but then if you just leave the invition on the photo and not join, it does not affect you, I don't delete them, I just tell the person, thanks for the invite and that is the end of that.
smoggy cake [deleted] 11 years ago
Contacts, contacts oh and contacts. Once you get a few of these find good groups that you can post in, I agree with ladyphoenixx_1999 regarding post 3 / comment 1 groups I don't touch them. I have seen images make explorer in less than 1 hour.

Regarding print, I have still to print any of my images. I always use max size.
Honzie 11 years ago
ladyphoenix, max mp and resolution on the H-series won't mean anything when jpeg compression is finished with it. Because of that, you'll be limited to a quality print size. I'm still disappointed that Sony did not implement a RAW mode into the H-series.
sure2talk PRO 11 years ago
Re Explore, groups where you have to leave a comment are ok so long as it does not specify which photo you should comment on (ie the next one in the pool). Scoring groups are the real NO if you want to get into explore. Flickr tweak the algorythm from time to time. When they did this a few months ago nearly all my photos dropped out of explore. I took them all out of scoring groups and they went back in. I have had 76 photos in explore, currently 26 in, 51 including the dropped. They range from good to bad - being in explore doesn't mean it's a great photo, maybe just has appeal or is 'different'. It's impossible to tell what will go in, so many factors are taken into consideration - how many views and how quickly, the same for comments and faves. Also where the views, comments and faves are coming from. Faves from your contacts don't rate as high as other faves. I recently had a photo with 86 views/ 33 comments and 8 faves which didn't make explore then the next day one with 23 views, 10 comments and 3 faves which did. I've seen some outstanding photos in explore but I've also seen some rubbish (photo of an old credit card springs to mind).
King Woodrose Posted 11 years ago. Edited by King Woodrose (member) 11 years ago
I just found out that I made explore! 19 days after my first upload, I made it. What sucks is, I made it on September 2nd. The other day, if I hadn't been looking through the "Most interesting photos from the last 7 days", I could have missed it. When I seen that, it lead to confirmation. I posted a topic asking how I would know if my images had been "explored". Followed by a lot of irritated people giving me the 'Scout' link and going into detail about how they hate answering that question over and over.

Anyway, long story short, here's a link to the photo if you want to see it. Thanks for all the help you guys have been. I finally "get" flickr and its workings. Not to mention the tips.

Growing up...

- /\ |) /\ /\/\ (KWR)
Miss Cheska 11 years ago
King Woodrose/Adam,

That's interesting. I never really bothered to wonder how I could get my pictures on Explore, or find out if any of my pictures made it there. Could you please forward this Scout link?

-Muchas Gracias,
King Woodrose Posted 11 years ago. Edited by King Woodrose (member) 11 years ago
Here you go:

Actually, click "DNA" it has more of your information. Then put your name.

Just erase the name there and put in Ms. Cheska.
sure2talk PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by sure2talk (member) 11 years ago
If you want to look at the top 500 in thumbnail for any specified day go here:
Groups Beta