I'm a newby

mel~m~c 3:49am, 18 August 2007
Hi all! I bought my H9 about a month and a half ago. I am really new at taking photos. I love my H9. I originally bought a Canon...had to take it back. I couldn't take good pics in low light.. and I didn't like the LCD.
I am still learning about the capabilities of the H9. I am learning alot just by reading the threads here.
I have been so happy with the easiness of this camera. Great stability, even in low light. Love the Zoom.
Anyway, I am looking forward to learning alot from other users!
King Woodrose 11 years ago
Welcome to the club!
David Aseer 11 years ago
Welcome aboard Mel
Alfonso Morabito 11 years ago
Phydeaux Haxor 11 years ago
welcome! Hope you have fun with it!
v1nz` 11 years ago
welcome! :)
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