Miss Cheska 7:13am, 10 August 2007
Does anyone know if there is external flash available for H7's? Or am I stuck with the built-in flash? Thanks :)
King Woodrose 11 years ago
Nah, your not stuck...My camera, as a promo, actually came with a free flash from the website I ordered my camera from(who now sells the H7 for 295 !!!!). It has a slave mode so when it senses the flash from my camera going off it too will simultaneously go off. Alternatively it can go off after your flash, even if it flashes up to 3 times. This flash can be attatched via the screw on for tripods or it can be used remotely to create different shadow effects. Hope I helped Ms. Cheska.
Miss Cheska 11 years ago
Wow, thanks, King W. I wasn't expecting it to have external flash. What website is this?

King Woodrose 11 years ago
I'd suspect you could get a flash anywhere though. Mine came free so I'm sure its not that expensive. Its almost completely plastic. It's still really cool though, I know I would not have bought a flash on my own, I like the sunlight best. lol, not to sound like an ad but they really do have the best price cameras. Free shipping, too. In addition to the free 2 day shipping and the flash, I got a full size tripod, and a lens cleaning kit as well.
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