Miss Cheska 2:08am, 26 July 2007
Just curious--

Has anyone bought the polarizing filter for the H7? If so, how do you like it and what would you rate it?

Also, is it better to just pay for digital prints, or have your own digital photo printer? What printer do you have, and how do you find its performance?

philipgmayer PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by philipgmayer (member) 11 years ago
Prints can be as little as 5p each.
ASDA - 6 x 4 -
Minimum of 150 (I think - better check).

Similarly, 7 x 5 are 10p each.

It's worth pointing out that with 7 x 5 you get what you see on your screen, but the 6 x 4 size suffers from cropping.
Phydeaux Haxor 11 years ago
I have a polarizing filter for my H2, (which I'm sure is not that much different then the H7) and I love it. Make sure you get a circular polarizing filter. Linear's aren't worth that much. I would recommend searching e-bay for a hoya or sunpak. I print my prints from here and pick them up at a local Target. They're relatively cheap. I can't afford ink for a photo printer. Like philip said, you will get them cropped at 4x6 size, but 5x7 should be good.
aback account [deleted] 11 years ago
Has anyone found in the UK a 74mm hoya polarizing filter ? I would really like one.
aback account [deleted] 11 years ago
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