Miss Cheska 4:36am, 20 July 2007
Ok, is it just me or is anyone else experiencing a difference in picture quality when seen on the LCD screen versus loading the files onto the computer? I've made sure the compression levels are okay, use program AE or manual as much as I can. I get really pysched when I see such a great shot on the screen, but it's a disappointment when it comes out blurry or poor quality on the computer. Color can be easily fixed, but if the image is not sharp or has excessive blur, then there's pretty much nothing I can do to edit that.... what a bummer!

Any tips on how to remedy this situation? :(
sure2talk PRO 11 years ago
My experience is that it's really impossible to tell just how good a shot is until you get it on the computer screen. I don't think there is anyway around that - the lcd is such a small version that it is bound to make a difference when it's enlarged. Sometimes I look at the lcd and 'zoom' in to see if I can tell but it's only marginally helpful - it will show if it's a really poor shot but no more.
Miss Cheska 11 years ago
*sigh* Thanks, sure2talk. I guess I just have to take A LOT of pictures and hope that one of them turns out okay! :D
Honzie 11 years ago
Yea, I too was going to say zoom in on your thumbnails so you can see the details and see if its blurry.
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