Sony H7's

Honzie 5:25pm, 16 May 2007
How many people have one??
John_X 12 years ago
I do!
Missy2004 12 years ago
I do
sure2talk 12 years ago
I do too!
ijob 12 years ago
i do
philipgmayer 12 years ago
I don't.

Sorry, couldn't resist!
But I've got a H2.
©Pacifist 12 years ago
i do too.
Honzie 12 years ago
Along with the group, there is also a Sony H7 specific group...check it out ppl..
Assennato 12 years ago
one more
Flavio Garcia 12 years ago
I will do!!!!!!!!!!!!! (next week)
shoot_smart 12 years ago
i will just one more weeekkk!! Very excited about it!!
Flavio Garcia 12 years ago
Yeaaaaahhh, now I have one!
a.croissette 12 years ago
I do =]
shoot_smart 12 years ago
anddd i GOT it!!!
alohahowzit 12 years ago
Looking at one now and after seeing what you guys can do, I am almost ready to order. How are the instructions in the manual? Easy enough for this amateur to follow?
Honzie 12 years ago
^^You can be the judge of ya my amazement as well as others, i'm sure, this manual actually does NOT come with the camera...the one you get is a different and much simpler one...
Phish Photography 12 years ago
well, I have one.
smoggy cake [deleted] 12 years ago
I am currently waiting on a H7 this is a replacement from my dsc-w17. Should arrive in a few days.
Bruno Pimenta 12 years ago
I have one too
smoggy cake [deleted] 12 years ago
I have one now !
Phydeaux Haxor 12 years ago
I have an H2, would like the H7, but can't afford it, still paying on the H2...haha
I sell H7, quite new !
juninho_insanoskater 12 years ago
I do also
King Woodrose 12 years ago
I have one
envious force [deleted] 12 years ago
I got one about a week ago and I am very happy with it!
John Rohan 12 years ago
I got the H9 instead of the H7, because I really wanted the nightshot feature. The bigger screen was also a big plus.
__pure__ 12 years ago
me too.. and i like it so far
missdarcie 11 years ago
Right here. I just got it today. :)
agataso 11 years ago
and me...
and me too
Sebash 11 years ago
and me...
JacobD Photography 11 years ago
I got it too.
halting umbrella [deleted] 11 years ago
I got it too ..
sycophill 11 years ago
Yeap, although I wish I hadn't....
misstinguette 11 years ago
I do
LO - EvaSluis 11 years ago
I do :D
philipgmayer 11 years ago
It seems we are alone, but mine is all paid for.
secretive bell [deleted] 11 years ago
i have one
truculent cat [deleted] 11 years ago
I got one a couple of weeks ago. Loved the outdoor shots immediately but almost returned the camera due to the indoor shots...very grainy and the color was way off. But, after reading everything I could find on the internet (sony site wasn't much help), I figured out how to setup the M(anual) setting to something that I think is close to perfect. I just need to remember to set the dial to M when I take the indoor shots!
Smiles Are Free 11 years ago
I just got mine about a month ago...still learning to use it but I do love it.
Y yo, que necesito alguien que hable castellano :(
ronalddungen 11 years ago
i do ! :D
Cgalarza 11 years ago
I have it too. Much better compared with my old DSC S600
Al Zanki q8™ 11 years ago
i do
Ewalea 380 11 years ago
I love my H7 :-)
defiant iron [deleted] 11 years ago
I have an H7, its great!
Marcelo S 11 years ago
i do
patriotrings 11 years ago
I Do! Oh and this camera Works perfectly indoors and in low level light. If you get grainy shots you need to reduce the ISO and increase the apperture size and use a tripod in super low level light and decrease shutter speed its a delicate balance but with experiance you learn to take better photos.
fG! 11 years ago
yo la tengo :)
Tee Ayy 11 years ago
yes i have just recently 'upgrated' my camera to a sony -H7 and so far i think its great!! i especially love the zoom and close-up features
¡.... y no puedo salir del modo automático aunque me leo todos los manuales y pruebo y vuelvo a probar!

Saludos desde Argentina!
mathurvivek 11 years ago
I have one too! I love the zoom!
RishabhJ 10 years ago
me too
square bike [deleted] 10 years ago
gto9046 10 years ago
Ich auch!
Claudia!! 10 years ago
I do!! / yo la tengo!!
marbleplaty 10 years ago
my carry anywhere camera.... sony h7, of course!
I do!! / yo la tengo!! :P
designz 10 years ago
Still have mine!
ElijahSing 10 years ago
I do!
MR.AVIATOR 9 years ago
i do have one ... n it up for sale .... so guys plz get in touch if sum1 wants to buy one ..
I have one. Image quality could be better, but for what I can do with it is pretty good.
H_E_L_E_N_A 9 years ago
eitak43 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by eitak43 (member) 9 years ago
i do!
Casadepetra 8 years ago
Yo también tengo una H-7
¬ Luiz Matta ® 7 years ago
I have one...
Cees Visser 7 years ago
Yup, me2
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