H9 Night Shots

ijob 9:58pm, 5 May 2007
Has anyone taken any snaps yet? Can anyone offer any tips for a successful image?
elvis_payne PRO 11 years ago
Only got my DSC-H9 yesterday so still playing with that. :o)
Kayrac 11 years ago
gin soak 11 years ago
Hi there

great shot of the pirahna, kayrac!

only had my h9 for a few days (and am v new to photography too, having just upgraded from a camera phone) so still playing with it. just tried out the nightshot last night - a bit low on inspiration, but it seems to suit pictures of alcohol :)

gin gin

seems to work best for focussing in quite tightly on something - i posted a picture of a flower to the group last night, that was done using the macro setting too - some of the pictures were a bit grainy, but then again i think it quite suits the subject matter...

Honzie 11 years ago
I was gonna get the H9 but it wasn't in stock so I got the H7. I think I could do without the nightshot and swivel screen anyway.
Nuno's Photo Warehouse PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Nuno's Photo Warehouse (member) 11 years ago
I have a H9 and i dont think i will ever use this mode
I have taken some shots at night and they became great, but no Night shots :)
DaBear Media 11 years ago
Taken at London Zoo from behind glass using night mode
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