eyesthruthelens PRO 12:55am, 1 November 2008
Just want to share with the rest the power of A900.

Details and sharpness (good features on the micro-adjustment, most of my Minolta lenses have no more BF or FF)

Singapore Biennale - walkpath

100% view (using 24-105mm Minolta lens)

and some photos at iso 3200 (using the method shared in this link: s11.zetaboards.com/Alphamount_Singapore/topic/7053488/3/#new

Singapore Biennale, 2008

Singapore Biennale, 2008

Singapore Biennale, 2008

Look at my flickr for bigger size photos.

Thanks and happy shooting
Ed Tse PRO 7 years ago
Nice shots, really shows what the a900 can do in the right hands.
Nazeem Sheik [deleted] 7 years ago
Great Pictures...
Chris_L777 7 years ago
This was a very expensive post to read, as it is a +1 to get an A900! :)
Nice shots, and it's not just the camera.
ophelia_1960 7 years ago
I just got the 700! Maybe next year... Your portrait is stunning! I love the smoothness, and the soft lighting. And the expression (or lack of) Very mysterious. I would love to see one of her now just laughing out loud! One of my favorite shots. Great job.

Uh yeah...nice camera D*%n you! LOL
photobuf PRO 7 years ago
Nice pictures, well done. As for the A-900 over the A-700, yes very true it's a big upgrade, for 3 times the price of the A-700, and if you have top end glass to go with it. Personally, beyond my needs, and would rather invest the $3000 in top quality glass. Once I have all the lenses I want, then with nothing else needed, who knows I may eventually buy one, when prices drop. At the moment it's not even a temptation to upgrade my A-700.
Liquid Stereo 7 years ago
Superb images!!!!

There's no way I could afford the A900 right now. Personally, I'm waiting for the mid-level, full-frame, for a lot less money with lower noise, for less cash :) The A900 seems quite good though.

Plus, I want to get a decent flash and master flash photography :)

eyesthruthelens PRO 7 years ago
What I can share with all A-mount users is to give this camera a try.. you will be surprise (OK.. not on the pricing but on the details from the camera) - BTW, I've seen some pricing as low as US$2.2K - for the limited set of A900 during the launch.
It's indeed a BIG step forward in digital photography. I've never seen any photo with such details..


Sharing some of my thoughts on the camera: eyesthruthelens.blogspot.com/2008/10/my-new-a900.html
Marlon Richardson 7 years ago
I though the same thing man, this camera is a detail machine.
I have test shots as well
photobuf PRO 7 years ago
As tempting as it is, I'm going for at least 2 more quality FF lenses first next year (still thinking FF in the future, so I'm not buying any more c sensor lenses). In about 12 months, after I have all the lenses I'm interested in I'll definitely consider it, if the price has dropped as they usually do to a more reasonable level.
John Bellerose 7 years ago
so, no Tamron 10-24mm? I am in the same boat as you. I waiting for more FF lens. Blast Tamron for making it 10-24 not FF. Specially, when its coming out in end of Nov...
thingomy 7 years ago

Do you know how much more difficult it would be to make a 10-24 a FF lens? -- the cost would be about double, and it would be at least twice the weight. I agree it would be spectacular, but sadly it's just not doable.
John Bellerose 7 years ago
Good points. I guess with this lens and a A700, would be the best it could be. We will see what Tamron will bring in the future.
eyesthruthelens PRO 7 years ago
@jdm_777, a super wide on APS sensor has more distortion as compare to the similar wide on FF sensor.
17-35mm Minolta lens is wide enough for me.
If not, I'll get a FE 15mm Sigma lens - for A900.
PeacockDesigns 7 years ago
Should i skip the 700 and go straight to the 900?
johnche PRO 7 years ago
that is the very same question i am asking myself right now as an a200 shooter.

i have two c-sensor lens, the kit 18-70 and the tamron 17-50, with 4 full frame lenses...50 1.7, 100 2.8 macro, beercan, and 16mm fisheye, which gets 0 use on my a200.....man.
mrloofer [deleted] 7 years ago
I'm thinking the same thing. After recently going "semi-pro" and taking on lots of new clients I am finding myself just wanting more out of my a200. I use primarily the 50mm 1.7 and beercan as lenses. The 50mm is plenty sharp for my portraits so next logical step would be upgrade the body. Not sure if I can justify $3k right now on the a900 so upgrading to the a700 is more realistic, but then I'd rather only make one upgrade this year and not be in the position where I'll be upgrading again come winter time. Is there any point in going a200 to a700?
ultranalog 7 years ago
Going from the 200 to the 700 will speed up your work as everything is configured MUCH easier, and will give you some better high ISO performance (but don't expect miracles). For me it was well worth the pennies.
photobuf PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by photobuf (member) 7 years ago
[https://www.flickr.com/photos/theloughers/] - The A-700 is a good step up from any of the entry level cameras (A-100, A-200, A-300, A-350). Much stronger camera body (reinforced with metal frame inside). More buttons on the body for quicker access to menus. Faster focusing. Higher ISO, better bracketing and noise handling with V4 firmware, + or - 3 EV, higher resolution LCD, dual wheels on top of camera (shutter and aperture adjustment) and more. Excellent optional Sony vertical grip, which duplicates many camera functiions is available if you do lots of vertical shots.

The layout of the A-700 is very similar to it's big brother the A-900. Myself I only lasted 6 months with an A-100, and upgraded to the A-700 as soon as it came out (sold my A-100 fairly quickly). Very happy I did. As nice as the A-900 is it's hard to justify the price. Maybe I'll consider it when prices come down.
johnche PRO 7 years ago
what ^ said :)

though as i mentioned, i've hung on to my a200 as a backup. i think you'll be very, very please with the a700 alan.
Mark DV 7 years ago
As a photographer that upgraded from the A100 to the A700 and used the A200 (my parents in law have one) all I can say is that the upgrade is well worth it. The camera's are in a different league. I can not stand to use a A200 after being used to my camera. Sorry A200 users I'm not trying to bash the A200 just saying that one is entry level and the other is a semi pro level camera.
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