Prime lens

AlexisRyan 2:49am, 18 November 2014
I'm looking into prime lens and I was realizing I have no clue if my A330 is a full frame or a crop frame camera, does anyone know how to find out? And does anyone have any recommendations on prime lens? I love taking outdoor photos, and photos of my toddler TIA
stillshot2 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by stillshot2 (member) 4 years ago
It is a crop sensor. The newer Sony 50mm f1.8 lens is a good one, and the Minolta Maxxum 50mm f1.7 is also good and costs less but can only be found used since it dates back to the 80's. If you find shooting at 50mm to be too "zoomed in" for indoors the Sony 35mm f1.8 is also rated pretty well. Just make sure you buy the Alpha mount versions of the Sony lenses and not the E mount versions.
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