stillshot2 10:47pm, 17 August 2013
I sold my Sony a55 a month ago but for some reason in the last month I have taken more photos than ever with this camera which was my backup. With only 10mp you have to frame your shot correctly or you will lose those valuable megapixels when cropping. I shoot raw, and since iso 800 is as high as I dare go with this camera (requiring noise reduction after in adobe camera raw), one obviously learn to use a fast prime to take good photos in low light (I am using the Sony 50mm 1.8). Full manual mode has been a must for me, and I am getting real good at guessing the settings depending on the available light and subject movement. If it is just too dark, then I have to get out my high powered $10 Minolta 3500xi bounce flash that must also be used in full manual. After all the extra effort though, I am finding I can get equally pleasing results from this camera, and may not "re-upgrade" for a while. Anyone else finding this camera to be a good learning tool?
cycling_fan PRO 5 years ago
Yes, I did. I discovered how useful slow sync is while using this camera and explored flash for low light situations. I upgraded to an a77, but I miss my little a330 in many ways. It was so simple compared to the a77.
chirashiro 5 years ago
That's one thing I am still keeping it. It's light-weight. I even found the 1855 kit lens still has its special application where other prime lens can't do. It has a small minimum focus distance of just 25cm, which makes it almost like a macro lens.
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