stillshot2 3:27am, 28 January 2012
Within the next couple months I hope to eventually upgrade to an a580. Has anyone shot with one and could compare it to their a330? I think I would really like the high low light capability they are known for and the increase in IQ but can't get my hands on one to test drive it.
Any opinions if it's worth the huge jump in price or to keep what I have are welcome...
GHIII 6 years ago
I just recently bought the a560 which is virtually the same as the a580 but with fewer MP. The menu interface is much better than the a330 and the feel of the camera is just perfect for me. All the buttons are very easy to get to. High ISO IQ is amazing. The a560 has a slight edge on the a580 but overall IQ is slightly better with the a580 yet you really have to look hard to see the difference. The OVF is brighter and live view more accurate. It will shot HD in 1080p but it is not a video camera and you will not get video camera quality but is OK for shorts. If quality video is very important to you then pass on the 560/580. The HDR feature is nice but only does jpg. If you want to shot HDR in RAW, manual bracketing is very easy. Overall, the camera is bigger and slightly heavier. The battery will give you many more images and a battery hand gripe is available for those who need the extra power. I originally considered getting the a65 but am very glad I didn’t.
stillshot2 6 years ago
Ok. Video is not too important to me, and I don't care much for the slt technology. Do you know how the a550 compares to the a560 or are they completely different animals?
GHIII 6 years ago
Here is a review showing differences between the a560 to a 550:

Review of a560:

Review of a580:

One point that I’ve seen on some forums is the claim that the sensor in the a560 is inferior to the a580 and that IQ is consistently softer than the a580. I have read no evidence that this is fact but it seems to be the view of some users. Generally there are more favorable user comments for the a580 than there are for the a560. For many folks, the extra $100 - $150 or the a580 is well worth the difference. Perhaps if I were a more avid photographer I would feel the same but the a560 is probably more camera than I should have or need. But, upgrading from the a330 has enabled me to give my a330 to my granddaughter.
stillshot2 6 years ago
I've heard the a560's sensor was inferior too, and this site adds to the confusion even more:

If you scroll down you can see how the iso's compare, it doesn't make sense that the a580 with more megapixels with nearly the same exmor sensor would produce better quality at high iso since more megapixels usually generates more noise at high iso's???!!

I can only think that the sensors aren't created equal, although low noise at iso 800 is still pretty impressive. I never use my a330 over iso 400, so that would give me an extra stop of light.
GHIII 6 years ago
Gary L. Friedman’s, “The Complete Guide to Sony’s Alpha 560 / 580 Digital SLR Cameras” shows a couple of side by side high ISO shots from both cameras and the noise from the 560 was less than the 580, but only marginally.

DxOMark sensor ratings have the 580 with an overall score of 80 and the 560 at 70. Both sensors score very well with the 580 coming in as one of the better sensors available. Anything higher has a much higher price tag. Compared to Nikons and Canons at the same or higher price the 580 is tops and the 560 rates better than many.

Compared to the Nikon D5100 the A580 is the better value. The only feature the D5100 has that I consider a better feature is better versatility in auto bracketing. High ISO clarity is much better with the A580.
I wouldn't be surprised if the A560 could do better than the D5100 even though the D5100 has sensor rating of 80.

I think you'll be very pleased if you upgrade to the A580.
stillshot2 6 years ago
Yep, Sony has a lot more bang for the buck, which is why I chose it over Canon or Nikon. Thanks for the help!
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