Anish Dantale 3:59am, 21 May 2011
Just Bought a new camera. Refurbished from Sony . What Do I need to know about Sony DSLRs as a beginner
Shigatsuhana PRO 7 years ago
Play around with different settings and get to know your camera. Perhaps invest in a Tamron Macro lens. It does wonders for your photos. :) Most of all, go out and have fun!
raymoo90 7 years ago
It does not have a connection port for remote trigger....only works with a 'wireless' remote :)
tex_n 7 years ago
I’ve found the book “The Complete Guide to Sony's Alpha 330 and 380 Digital SLR Cameras by Gary Friedman” useful. An e-copy ($19.00) can be downloaded from:
qcgirl 7 years ago
Its a great camera. Just get out there and take as many pics as you can. Try everything. What works will soon be very obvious.
Order a cheap remote on eBay from China. They cost under $5 and work well. I use mine all the time.
Mr Nibbler 7 years ago
I agree with gcgirl - the cheap remotes on eBay are great value and work brilliantly. Also do not default to "auto": a professional press photographer friend recommended me to set it on aperture priority, keep it there ready to go and experiment from the start. Take lots of pictures and don't be afraid of failure as there is always the delete option.
whittmike2011 7 years ago
There is an excellent DVD Guide out there as well. After making my purchase, I decided to pick up a few Minolta lenses and they are working great! I even found an old Maxxum 7 kit in a shop where I paid $50 for the camera, a 50mm lens, a flash, and also a 75mm-200mm telephoto with macro. What a deal for me!!!
qcgirl 7 years ago
Mr. N.
Many friends tell me to do the same as you suggest, to keep it on aperture setting, and altho' I have read up on the benefits, I still don't get it.
I usually leave it on P and fool around with the white balance a bit, unless I am in a particulair situation, moon, stars, sunset, new baby etc.
I know there is something I am missing, but what.
Just my two cents worth,
dolloyd PRO 7 years ago
I have owned this camera for about a year now and really enjoy it. The only thing I am having trouble with is taking action shots at low light. I need some kind of zoom lens but I do not like all the noise I am getting. Anyone have any ideas that may help? Thanks
nycckynyc PRO 7 years ago
drlmel1 What kind of lens are you using? And what kind of action shots are you going for? Sports?
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