enricoX 10:35am, 13 May 2011
Can anyone tell me if this product is really compatible with a sony a330
and most of all in wich camera port it should be connected?

hamrat™ 7 years ago
Hi enricoX,

Unfortunately the Sony a330 doesn't have the ability to use a wired commander, only a wireless commander.

That website seems to have made a typo by leaving the a380 off, which is identical in every way to the a330, with the exception of a greater resolution.

The a330 lacks a connector for the remote commander, and the only ports that it has are for DC in, USB and HDMI.

It is a nuisance for me, as out in South Africa we currently do not have any wireless remote commanders in the WHOLE country, and a surplus of wired commanders.

The other nuisance factor is that the camera doesn't support tethered shooting to a computer. Something the a330 and a380 both lack.

The port, if it did have one would probably be a 3 pin connector, as I have come across generic connectors that claim to work with all makes of comatible cameras.

I hope that this helps!

deep battle [deleted] 7 years ago
I have a infra red remote from amazon uk. It cost £4 and works a treat. Great for buld shots and so on.
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