Ash_Robins 3:57pm, 8 March 2011
the other day i was at my mates studio just gunna mess about with some flash portraits, and found i cannot fit any of his flash gear on my camera, and my on camera flash wasnt being picked up by his recievers, ive found out i have no sync lead connection on my camera, is anyone having same problem? but ive seen on ebay an adapter other than paying £100 from sony, its only £7ish.
tex_n 7 years ago
In Gary L. Friedman’s book on the A330/A360, he has a chapter on this subject.
These four steps are required to shoot wireless:

“1. Attach an accessory flash to the camera’s flash
shoe, and make sure it’s on.
2. Set Flash Mode button to Wireless
3. Press the camera’s shutter release halfway. The
camera communicates with the flash and sets the
appropriate parameters. The display on the back of
the camera indicates “wireless” mode.
4. Remove the flash from the camera. The
large red light on the front of the
accessory flash will blink once a second,
indicating it is in wireless mode and is
ready to fire when instructed by the
deckchairboy 7 years ago
Dont get confused here - the Sony wireless flash system is a sophisticated TTL system which needs Sony branded flashes to communicate with the camera.

A simpler system is to use a radio trigger to fire a manual flash - you have to set exposure manually via setting aperture and flash power. This is a lot cheaper, a lot more fun and counterintuitively requires you to turn the flash off on your camera.

go see for lots of info.
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