enricoX 3:11pm, 30 January 2011
I've a question for all A330 users.
I've found different online stores selling this product
But i'm wandering, is this possible? where that plug can be connected?
The only input slot available is the USB small connection.
Thanks in advance.
raymoo90 7 years ago
You will note that the Sony a330 is not listed as a compatible camera. The a330 can only be operated remotely. You will also find this information in your manual
enricoX Posted 7 years ago. Edited by enricoX (member) 7 years ago
deckchairboy 7 years ago
The a330 can be operated remotely via an infra red remote available on abay for not much. I had to change the battery on mine as it was doa but has worked very well since - the only problem is you have to be forward of the camera.

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