FLASH Aaaaah

Some-one-else 9:27pm, 7 January 2011
He saved everyone of us.

Hello, I hope that some-one may be able to help.
I have a couple of old (standard fit) Flashes. I've bought a Pixel TF-325 Hotshoe adaptor. I've put them on my A330, and the bugger wont fire.

If I select flash through the flash menu, the inbuil flash tries to pop up, but can't as the adaptor prevents this.

Does anybody else have experience of this? Can anyone explain what might be going wrong?

deckchairboy 7 years ago
In your flash settings turn the flash to OFF.
This will fire a flash on the hotshoe.

Don't shoot the messenger.
Some-one-else 7 years ago
Thanks Deckchairboy.

I've either got a faulty adaptor, faulty flash but the bloomin thing just isn't firing. Is there any way of testing the hot shoe with anything? I pressume its only a contact? On or off, It doesn't use any voltage. So that being the case If i were to put a continuity tester on the contacts I could at least see if I get a short, right?
Some-one-else 7 years ago
Just found this. Wish I'd found it earlier. Warning:
Most older SLR camera flashguns are not compatible with modern DSLR cameras and if they are used directly on the DSLR camera hotshoe or cable link it could seriously damage the electronics of the camera.

I don't think I've caused any problems.... Doh.
msgill59 5 years ago

It is quite old thread but did you try Pixel TF-325 Hot shoe adapter with wein safe Sync. I am sailing in the same bot and looking for hot shoe adapter to use my Metz 60CT1/2 with wein safe Sync. on a 330 hot shoe.
sillypaguy72 5 years ago
I picked up a cheap flash from Amazon (under $40) it is a Bower SFD2965 that mounts on my A-330. I use it on manual it seems to work ok for my needs (I've had it over 2 years now, probably 80+ flashes on it ). I had an adapter to use old flashes but didn't wanna risk my Sony.
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