nycckynyc PRO 3:17am, 20 December 2010
The other day, my camera started giving me a "Camera Error" message when I went to take a picture. Also, I noticed that the way I'm framing the shot in the view finder, is not how it's actually taking the picture. For example, if I center a subject in the frame, sometimes it's showing up as off to the side. (Very frustrating when I'm trying to get nice photos of my daughter and Santa!) I was looking online, and I've seen it suggested that this may be an issue with my Steady Shot? Or maybe the mirror is off? Any other ideas? And just how expensive are these things to repair? I've gone through Sony to try to get it repaired, but they want me to ship off my camera, with no idea how much I'll be expected to pay, and they want my credit card to charge it when repairs have been made. I'm not sure I'm ready to do that. Any ideas??
navasphotography 8 years ago
yes is the steady shot .... did you drop it? thats the major reason why the steady shot fails ...if its still under warranty just send it in to a sony authorized repair service and its covered .... just dont admit it was droped if it was ... i know because i droped mine and thats what happened so i sent it in and they had it for a little over a week but it came back perfect. you should also notice that the steady shot bar in the view finder is blinking. hope this helps but you need to send it in for repair if its out of warranty i dont know how much it cost to repair it but i do know its no less then $160 for any DSLR repair minimum. hope this helps
nycckynyc PRO 8 years ago
Thank you for the response! I'm just now reading it. I'll be sending it in soon, just have to get up the drive to pack up my camera and see it go for an unsaid time!
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