RalfhAldrin 2:00pm, 4 November 2010
Anybody owns a battery grip?
RalfhAldrin 8 years ago
I guess none have/had a battery grip for Sony a330 or the a230/a380.

The rokinon battery grip seems discontinued. Hope there will be another battery grip for us.
rbcpics 8 years ago
did you check ebay for a grip
RalfhAldrin 8 years ago
Yes, I already did.
savory pet [deleted] 8 years ago
i had owned the rokinon grip from overstock for around $60 and i returned it. The grip made the original grip feel uncomfortable and it has issues. The shutter button does not press meaning that you have to use manual focus or pre focus using the original shutter then use the grip shutter. The grip feels cheap, i guess you could say you get what you pay for, but its not like there's a lot of choice..lol..the only good thing about it is it made my a330 look more pro and it held 3 batteries at once :D
RalfhAldrin 8 years ago
Thanks lordwin! great personal experience information! I'll stop looking for battery grip for now, until new grip will be produced for a330, hopefully.
savory pet [deleted] 8 years ago
i've contacted some grip manufacturers from china and they all told me that there is no plans on producing one. I'm already planning on upgrading to the a580 because it has a vertical grip and so improved ISO. If i don't get the a580 this year, i might as well wait for the a700 replacement :D
Nick Chasman 8 years ago
I have one of the Rokinon grips. While it is nice to load it up with batteries and shoot all day, most of the shutter functions don't work on the a330 which is a major bummer. I even returned the first one thinking it might be a defective grip. It does make the camera look more "serious" though.
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