Camera Strap

qcgirl 2:47pm, 28 October 2010
Hi All,
I find the strap which came with my 330 to be very rough, I don't like it at all.
Been looking at various models to upgrade too, neoprene is a comfy choice, I am used to this material from my guitar strap.
However, I am tempted to try one of the Quick Straps from Ebay, many sellers offer the same one.
It fits diagonaly across the body and attaches with a hook to a metal plate which screws into the tripod fitting on the bottom of the camera.
I worry however that this will put undue stress on this fitting and perhaps make it come loose with the swinging weight of the camera?
Is this a realistic fear?
Anybody ever used one?
Would love to know your experience with a strap of this type, or any type for that matter.
RalfhAldrin 8 years ago
Can you post the link?

IMO if it comes to camera strap, the first thing to consider is if it comfortable to you. Other factors comes in second. It would be better to buy on a local store so you can try it before purchasing.
I got a couple of older Minolta straps that I really like. Buy an older minolta camera off craigslist for ~$40. You might get a few cool lenses in the process...
theoinpa PRO 8 years ago
I have heard very good things about Blackrapid Straps:
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