RalfhAldrin 9:23am, 19 October 2010
I'm in dilemma right of thinking of upgrading. But I don't know if I'll gain much advantage if I do. I plan on upgrading to a a550, since it would now be cheaper because of the new releases a5xx.

Is there anyone who's on the same boat with me? Have you already decided? What factors made you did?

What do you need that the A330 doesn't offer? I have the A330, and absolutely love shooting outdoors with it. The ISO 100 gives it an advantage outdoors over many other entry-level dslr's. So, where are you feeling restricted?
RalfhAldrin 8 years ago
I love the a330, the only downside I see is its Noise Reduction Performance. I'm not satisfied using ISO 400 and above, and sometimes also with ISO 200. No, problem with the quality I get on ISO 100, its perfect in this setting.

Maybe I'm just too much entertained with the priced offered to me for the a550. Its around 550 US$, 300+ actuation, slightly used, under warranty, never got hold of it yet. But of course if I were to buy this, I should sell my a330 as well. That would be a sacrifice of letting my beloved a330 go.
Blackriver Images Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Blackriver Images (member) 8 years ago
The high ISO performance of the A550 is much better than the A330 for sure but it hasn't leveled off yet. In another year there will be cameras that make the A550's high ISO performance look bad.

It's not accurate to say that it's always going to be this way... technology has a way of plateauing. IMO ISO performance is still on it's way up though.

That being said leaving a camera's native ISO will always result in an increase in noise. That simply wont change. We have to remember that light is a quantity down to the photon and we'll never be able to get a few photon's of light to render a well light image.

In any case I think Sony is still making sizable strides which is why even though I'm in the same situation as both of you I'm deciding to wait a little longer.

However for my personal situation if I were going to make the jump now it would be to a used A700 or an A850... but I'm holding off because I think the A850 will drop in price soon... I hope.
agreed Blackriver. If I can afford it when it happens...
RalfhAldrin 8 years ago
if I were going to make the jump now it would be to a used A700 or an A850

Or for the coming a7xx.

Thanks Blackriver. You're definitely right with your idea.
theoinpa PRO 8 years ago
One of the best reasons for using Sony is that the lenses work on ALL models (although cropped on full frame) and the full frame, right now at least, is a bargain. I am waiting to see what Sony does with their next generation (starting with the a580), but not really interested in the Mirror-less as a main. I would buy the a33 and replace my always-carry point and shoot because of it's size.
chance images 8 years ago
what about the new a55 Sony A55 - key specifications

16.2MP (effective) APS HD CMOS sensor
Fixed, pellicle-type semi-translucent mirror
Maximum ISO 12,800 (with a quasi-ISO 25,600 'Multi-frame NR' option)
15-point phase-detection AF array with 3 cross-type AF points
Electronic viewfinder with 1.15 million dot resolution
Built-in GPS
Electronic level in EVF/LCD with pitch/roll indicator
Dual-purpose Memory Stick/SD card slot
10fps continuous shooting rate
1080p AVCHD movie mode with continuous AF
Articulated 3in 'TruBlack' LCD with 912k dots
socket for external microphone
2x magnification mode in live view
Face-detection AF (focus via nearest phase-detection AF point)

body only sells for $749
Blackriver Images 8 years ago
The A55 is a nice camera to be sure but it's geared toward a specific market. Great performance because it has the benefit of another half year of technology behind it but it's deviating away from the "pro" market. Things like the electronic view finder, smaller build, and all the convenience modes make it more of a consumer level camera.

My guess is they will release an A77 soon as a higher end version of the A55 then after that they will concentrate on the upper end cameras including a new FF camera and another semi-pro as more of a true replacement for the A700. Perhaps an A780 with the functions of the A770 but with an updated sensor and some but not all of the convenience modes like sweep panorama and in camera HDR, smile shutter etc... depends on the feedback they get from the recent wave as to what will filter up to the higher end bodies to come.
RienOnVanIsle 8 years ago
We've got both the A330 and the A500 and boy, what a difference. Once you've held the A500 (or 550) you'll consider the A330 a toy. I hope this doesn't spoil it for you ;)
The A500 is definitely bigger and heavier and that might be considered a disadvantage if you want to stash it into a bookbag or something, but that's about all there is to say for the 330.
The better ISO sensitivity of the A500 is not a small issue, it's a big one, to me anyway. The results I get with the A500 are better most of the time. Then there is the HDR feature, which works great. The better viewfinder (still not perfect), longer battery life, the whole feel and look of it, just brilliant.
And here is a peculiarity we have with the A330: we get a lot more purple fringing. I always thought it was a lens issue.
Best of all: you can get them for less than 500 dollars now, since everyone seems to want video in their SDLR. Shop around a little, the A55 is so much more popular that it should be easy to find an A500 or A550 at a very decent price.
Which regrettably also means that the A330 has dropped in value. I don't think you could fetch even 300 dollars for the body anymore. So it's still a 200 dollar investment.
Decisions, decisions.
The only thing both have in common, in our case: sometimes the first picture is black or totally underexposed. Sony service hasn't been able to fix it yet. Not a big issue, really.
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