deep battle [deleted] 10:02am, 24 September 2010
Dear all,

As the Autumn season slowly starts i was wondering what people will be shooting?

As i am new to Photography i worry about the weather effecting my Dslr. Should i be put off by the weather or just learn to work round such issuses.

As ever feel free to comment on my stream as all comments are good feedback

rbcpics Posted 8 years ago. Edited by rbcpics (member) 8 years ago
we work around the weather if your worried about rain
you can get a rain cover for your camera and keep a plastic bag around for your lens and camera cold and hot air can
cause moister in the camera and lens that wher the plastic bag come in put the camera or lens in the bag the bag will asorb the moister not the camera sorry for the spelling its not my best area
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